Thursday, February 23, 2012

Come on baby, light my Kindle Fire

Well, between work and being sick, I have not been able to add anything of any use to my blog.  So, let’s talk Kindle Fire.

I don't think that I said this before, but for Christmas I got a Kindle Fire e-reader.  I really like it, even though I have some issue with it, like a lack of a physical volume control, a reset button, and the quirkiness of web search browser.  But, so far I still really like it.

This is not a review of the Fire, but more of how I plan to use it towards gaming.  Of course the most obvious is reading books on it for research on different periods.  What is nice about it is the lack of space and weight that several books will take up, especially since I have to do a lot of travel for my job.

It is rather nice size and easily fits in my back pocket (I hope I never forget that it is there and sit down!)  I can also download through my computer or on Amazon’s Cloud internet storage many PDFs, Word docs, Excel docs, and JPGs of various gaming / research documents or rules.  So that is rather nice too. 

I have loaded my up with various Too Fat Lardies rules and specials, plus other rules, scenarios, maps, pictures, etc., so I can look up things at a game or elsewhere.  I have not figured out how to do PDF searches yet, so I am not such if that is a workable function.  Also, I have not tried to create any Word documents on it yet, but I have the free version of Quickword, which does not have the editing program.  But I will be buying that soon, so I can take notes during a game for After Action Reviews of the game.

Other then the quirky issues I have with it that I mention above, I only have two main issues with it:  1) No 3G/4G wireless (a lot of places don’t offer free wireless service), and 2) small internal storage, which would not be a problem if the previous issue was corrected.  So far, I have not had any issues with too much on the hard drive, and I have 20 music albums, 30+ books, and about 100 PDFs on it already.  But I have not downloaded any movies on it, so I don’t know how much memory that would take up.  I should be good for a while. 

Over all, I am happy with it. 


Frankie said...

I have a nook colour, which unfortunately really isn't quick enough to to process graphic and image heavy PDF files.

BUT what I have done for my own convenience is use a program called 'PDF Split and Merge' (You can google it) and split the PDF files into folders under the relevant sections such as:

Close Assault, Casualties, Reaction tests etc. and just open up the relevant PDF sections directly!

Sapper Joe said...


Excellent! Thank you.

BTW, your 20mm Argentine conscripts are lovely!


Frankie said...

Thanks! =D

You inspired a large part of the project and the look of the figures!