Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Kickstarter Project Worth Mentioning

With today being Thanksgiving Day, a day of giving thanks for various things, I want to share a noteworthy Kickstarter project I just happen to found today.  I am not part of the project, but I think it would be a very worthy project to support.  

The link to the project is

The brief summary of the project as posted on the Kickstarter site states:

"Millions have fought for the evolution and freedom of our country. Sadly, thousands of American’s have never been heard from again. Now, the Center for Historical Research Studies (CHRS) and History Outlaw Productions has a chance to change that statistic—Tell the story and identify the complete remains of an American Civil War soldier that has been lost for 150 years and found. 

"Project Lost American is a documentary effort to identify the remains of a Union civil war soldier that was discovered in Northern Virginia on the battle ground of what is known as the civil war battle of Savages Station of the Seven Days War, Peninsula Campaign. CHRS has acquired the sole rights and authority of the remains to research, identity and award this fallen hero who was buried in a shallow grave during the American Civil War. 

"This lost American has been vanquished to the ages for 150 years and its time that he is nationally and globally acknowledged for his service to the United States of America."

The scene after the Battle of Savage's Station

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Superb I've nominated you for a Liebster Award.