Thursday, November 1, 2012

Some Little Changes

As you can see, I have been playing with my blog's template.  I figured out how to redo my blog entries to a smaller entry on the front page so that the front page doesn't look so huge.  

I also added more blogs that I follow and more specific bookshelves for various periods.  One thing that I did do was set the other blogs listing to only show ten blogs, but there is a "show all" link to see the whole list.  I might change that later, but it is a huge list.

Otherwise, I have not been doing much in the way of gaming, except reading about the Civil War in Arkansas (Civil War Arkansas 1863 by Mark Christ and Fields of Blood by William Shea - both are very good and a must read for the ACW) and spray painting the primer coat on 10mm ANZAC and VC miniatures for Vietnam and 20mm Cold War British vehicles for my 'Anarchy in the UK' project.

On the job front, I am leaving for Savannah, GA, for almost until the end of the year.  I don't know what kind of free time I will have (if things stay normal, then none to very little), but hopefully I will have enough time to see the three forts there and maybe see Darien, GA, which was destroyed by troops of Colonel James Montgomery (Jayhawker fame) and Colonel Robert Shaw (54th Massachusetts Regiment fame) and was portrayed in the 1989 movie, Glory.

Well, that is pretty much it.  

Be Seeing You



lrqan said...

A hectic time for ypu Sapper. Enjoy your stay in GA, I've no idea what the weather's like there this time of year (wet?). Good luck anyway.

Sapper Joe said...

Thanks! So far it has been cold and very cloudy. But it is suppose to warm up by this weekend.