Monday, December 17, 2012

Gaming, Painting, and Other Mundane Things for 2013

Well, here we are rapidly heading towards the end of time by the Mayan calendar, as well as our own, and I see zombies in my future.  Now, if that means my fat body being torn to pieces by flesh hungry ghouls or little zombie miniatures being painted up is still yet to be determined.   But since I just ordered some Elhiem's 20mm zombies, I bet you can guess which of the two previous options I think will happen in 2013.

So, what are my plans for next year?  Well, for starters, I am at a crisis for having too much crap in my house.   That and I have finally gotten sick of my Pea Soup / Loam Green walls in my bedroom / library.  When I bought my house years ago, the master bedroom was already painted this color.  Instead of painting it a flat white when I had no furniture in it, I thought why spend the money to paint it since I could live with it.  I am now kicking myself as I am slowly boxing up books and taking them down to the basement for temporary storage.  So how does this tie into gaming?  Well, this is my reference library for gaming.

With my work schedule and demands, I should get the room completely painted and back in order by June, if I am lucky.  I will be lucky to get to paint one wall a month.   

To even top this off, I decided that this was the justification to finally force myself to catalog all of my books (see the picture and that is not even what I have already in the basement!). It will be really interesting to finally get all of my ACW books in one bookcase, but I am going to need more space for them.  So it looks like some other books will be going up for sale next year as I decide to even narrow down more of my gaming.

Also, this painting of the room and organizing of my library has had another side effect, which was deciding to buy some wall mounted curio display cases to put my miniatures in.  I figured I have spent a boat load of money on them, including painting services on some, that I should show them off, even if I am probably will be the only person that will get to see them displayed in the cases.  So as my Xmas gift to myself, and some Xmas money from relatives, I went ahead and ordered two display cases to mount on the narrow strip of a wall between my closet door and the corner of the wall (see picture and try not to get sick of the green wall - as you can see, I am already taping my molding for painting.)  

The display cases I bought are meant for Lego people / Matchbox cars (see the advert picture of one below).  It is 15" wide and 2.25" deep on the interior measurements.  It has 12 shelves, which six are removable, with a height of 1.75" per shelf.  That is prefect for 15mm and 20mm figures which are the bulk of my toys that I am keeping.  Most 25mm foot figures will also fit well with that shelf height.  Since most of my 20mm figures and some of my 15mm figures are mounted on 20mm bases, I should be able to display a total of 36 figures in two rows on a shelf or 432 in a case.  But I am thinking that I can only do one row of 15 figures per shelf for my 25mm figures since I got them on 1" bases.  But that would still be 180 figures in a case.  So I am pretty sure that between two cases, almost everything I plan to keep will be displayed except for vehicles and my 10mm and smaller stuff.  So Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!  

I am also planning to get a custom made wall case for the longer wall between the corner of the wall and frame to the door into the room as shown also in the previous picture.  This display case I would like to get about 4" deep and maybe 2.5" or 3" tall between shelves so I can display buildings, vehicles, and airplanes that would be too big for the other cases.  I am looking at a couple of cabinetmakers for estimates right now. 

Another big push will be (yet again) the reduction of Lead Mountain (or The Lead Mountain Range in my case.)  I am going to try a sell all of my 10mm unpainted WWII off this year in one or two big crazy price sales.  Also I am looking to finally selling off all of my unpainted 15mm WWII except for anything I need to finish off my four reinforced company size forces. I think that once I can get rid of both my 10mm and 15mm WWII down to that, I will start to feeling a big weight off of my chest.  Then it will be reducing my 25mm projects down to just to the half dozen projects that I want to keep, which also includes downsizing them too.  Then finally after that, start clearing out other dead or nearly dead projects of different scales.

Now on to less mundane discussions; what is my intent to have worked on and play for gaming in 2013?  (I really don't know why I always do this, as I rarely carry through with it, but maybe this next year will be different.)   First off, with this last batch of figures I sent off to be painted, I will have my 20mm Falklands done, except for vehicles and a platoon of British in the '44 helmets.  But I have to wait until Rolf with Liberation Miniatures releases the British with the '44 helmets.  But there will be some Falklands games that should be coming up next year. Also , I am going to start buying the newly released Pendraken's British in helmets and Argentine forces for my 10mm Falklands so that it ready to go by 2014.  

On the subject of 10mm, I made a great buy and bought up a 10mm Charlie Don't Surf Vietnam collection.  When I get it, I will be posting some pictures up of it.  Also with that, I will now be ready to get playing CDS early next year, probably in February as January looks bad for time available.

The main focus for 2013 production wise is getting things painted and building terrain for my 20mm 'Anarchy in the UK' project, including zombies.  A good percentage of what had I envisioned for foot troops for this project is painted or with the last patch of figures that was sent off to the painters.  The next two batches should complete the project for troops, civilians, and zombies.  So, I am going to spend more time on getting my Metcalfe buildings and B.W. Models armored vehicles done.  With the exception getting things painted, most of the rest of my hobby money will be buying OO scale cars, trucks, and street scenic accessories.  I am also start getting more done on the 20mm Post Apocalyptic project, but probably towards the end of the year.

On the 15mm front,  I am going back to doing a French Indian War game with some new house rules. I might run that in  the first quarter of the year, depending what work looks like at that time.  The next push will be going back to Africa, post-WWII.  I had been reading up on the '60's Congo Crisis again and I really want to do this...darn that movie, "Dark of the Sun" for corrupting my young mind to always wanting to do this period.

Other than that, the only other project that I might possibly work on is my 6mm US Pentomic force.  Why?  I don't know.  I guess with the thought of putting things into display cases is sort of making me think at least getting some of it painted for display.  Something about having Davy Crockett and Honest John as part of my battlegroup and having Elvis manning one of the tanks makes it so appealing.

Finally (back to boring stuff), I plan to read over the next year mostly books on Vietnam, specially studies on tactics and Operation Cedar Falls.  I also plan to get in a book or two on the '60s Congo Crisis.  Finally, there are two detailed books on the Fenian invasion of Canada, one which has detail information on the various Fenian uniforms for the different units.  I will be ready to game the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Ridgeway in 2016.  I have all of the figures already and have the Fenians done, will now need to repaint most to get them to the right uniforms, plus get the right flag made. 

As I think ahead towards 2014, I think for that year I will be starting back on my 15mm WWI Middle East in an attempt to be ready to start gaming the 100th anniversary of Gallipoli and the Mesopotamia campaigns in 2015.

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combatcolours said...

Flames of War!!!
All the cool kids are doing it!

lu zi shen said...

and what about your "kriegsspiel on a 1:50000 map using trevor dupuy inspired rules" project ?

I was really interested in that !

Paul of the Man Cave said...

Some great plans and projects there! Best wishes for 2013, I look forward to seeing your progress!

Sapper Joe said...

Thanks everyone!

@Lu Zi Shen: I forgot to add that on to the list!