Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Xmas & a Project 2013 - Update

First off, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Yuletide, Season's Greetings!

In keeping with the WWI theme of the picture, on Saturday, Steve H. (CombatColours) ran three games of Wings of Glory at Game Nite in St. Louis.  I did not take any photos, but there was six of us for all of the games.  Interesting the order we played the games was in reverse chronological order with late war planes first, then mid-war, and finally early war.  I did not kill any thing in the first game while flying a French SPAD XIII, then got one kill in the second game while flying a British SE.5a, and shot down in the third game while flying a British DH 4.  So all in all, I did average. 

Now on to my Project 2013 update - Well, I guess it was a sign!  As I joking said in my last post that I saw zombies in the future while joking about the Mayan doomsday prophecy.  Oddly enough, my 20mm zombies from Elhiem showed up in my mailbox on the Mayan doomsday!  This is really a sign that zombie doomsday has begun! Besides that, I got a head jump on the painting my room. I got four of the eight walls done and part of two others.  Not quite 50% of the actual wall space, but this was a big step.  Plus I got one of the display cases up and filled.  After I started working on the display cases, I realized that they were too big to hang both same wall.  Either the top few rows would be too high to be seen well or same would be true for the bottom rows.  But if you remember the picture in the previous post of the book shelves, I was planning to replace the middle bookcase to another spot in the bedroom and place a nightstand / table in it's place.  Originally I was thinking of placing a picture there, but now I will place the second display case there.  Anyway, below is the pictures of the paint job and the display case.



combatcolours said...

Damn, them's some pretty Victorians!!! :p
If ya play your cards right Bill the Butcher and crew may make your way in 2013!

Brummie said...

Wow thats a sweet collection. Merry Christmas dude

lrqan said...

I agree with Brummie. All the best matey. Take care.