Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kickstarter: 25mm The Pacific War 1879-1884

Kickstarter, why do you vex me so?  Don't you know that I swore off 25mm?  But you had to do a South American war?

Another project to tempt me so...those Bolivian uniforms were pretty.

Kickstarter:  25mm The Pacific War 1879-1884 (link)

From the site:

The War of the Pacific was a 19th century South American conflict fought between the former allied nations of Chile, Peru and Bolivia. Disputes over regional resources would soon turn the South American continent into a war-zone. 

We invite you to join us in bringing a range of figures to gaming tables, collectors and military enthusiasts the world over to relive this memorable but often overlooked 19th century conflict.

In conjunction with Partizan Press and their book Uniforms of the Pacific War 1879 - 1884 The Land Campaigns, we offer you the chance to show your support for our next range of figures.


Clint said...

I also found this kickstarter yeasterday. But for me no real temptation. Not a war I am interested in and already have far too many stalled projects started on impulse.
Although I was a little tempted. I am resisting like crazt!!

Sapper Joe said...

Oh, Clint, but it is really tempting to me! I was researching the war many years ago and even started to paint up 15mm Franco-Prussian figures that I converted to do this war.