Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year and Xmas Goodies


After a while I realized I forgot to mention what Xmas goodies I got this year, mostly what I got was books (yes, I am starting to sob as I realize I need more space on my book shelves).  But I am happy with the books I got and since they are not available in electronic format, I can't complain about needing more shelf space.

So, what books did I get?  As you read through the descriptions, I think you will get a feel that were was a common theme...

First up is a the first three books in a series from Camp Pope Publishing.  These three books are called, Confederate "Tales of the War" in the Trans-Mississippi, Vol I (1861), Vol II (1862), & Vol III (1863) edited by Michael Banasik.  These books are a collection of articles written after the American Civil War by the veterans for the St. Louis' Missouri Republican newspaper.  The fourth and final volume (covering 1864-65) has not been released yet.  According to Camp Pope Publishing, after final installment of the Confederate series, then they will start working on the four volume series for the Union articles.  Some of these articles are very well detailed about the battles on the "real" side of the Mississippi River, providing maps, detail descriptions of actions, camp life, etc.  I am really looking forward to reading these.  My only real issue with this series is the order in which are coming out.  I personally rather had seen both the Union and Confederate volumes released by the year that they covered, i..e., 1861.  It would made it more interesting to read accounts on one side of a battle, then flip over to the other sides book and read their accounts of the same battle, instead of waiting for all of the CSA books to be done first. There is a nice summary of the books on Civil War Books blog.  Here is a link to them:  Vol I (1861), Vol II (1862), Vol III (1863)

Next is a book is The Battle of Carthage, Missouri: First Trans-Mississippi Conflict of the Civil War by Kenneth E. Burchett.  This is a new and a updated book compared the Hinze & Farnham's book on the battle which I loved.  One of the things that Burchett does is to use more first hand quotes in the book.  A nice interview of the author can be found on Civil War Books blog here (Link).

The final book is Kirksville: The True Story of Urban Warfare in America's Heartland by D. Craig Asbury.  It is about Col Joseph C Porter's Confederate recruitment campaign in Northeastern Missouri in 1862, basically ending with the battle of Kirksville.  Again, a nice review of it is found on the Civil War Books blog (Link).

So there are two major common threads with these books: 1) All about the Civil War in Missouri or the Trans-Mississippi area, and 2) they all have been reviewed on the Civil War Books blog.  I actually knew about the Camp Pope series as I get their newsletters, but through the Civil War Books blog, I discovered the other two and quite a few more books that I really want to read.  

Other than that, I got the Blue-Ray DVD of Ken Burn's Prohibition and a vanity gift of this Blue Canary night light.  It is a play off of one of my favorite songs.  It did not show up in time before I left again to work out of town, but I am looking forward to putting him in the outlet near the light switch and now I need a picture of ancient lighthouse to place on the opposite wall.




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I just wanted to share my finished project about the falklands conflict : see the "Falklands Malouines" tag.

To be honest your blog has been very inspirational for my own work. Thanks for the great stuff you shared.

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