Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Continuing with my New Year’s Resolution

Well, things are still on track for my 2013 gaming project resolution, but slipping on my personal resolution.   My personal resolution was to go meatless five days a week (only allowing for one meal with meat per day) for eight to twelve weeks to start losing weight again and I was suppose
to start on 1/7, the first Monday for the year.  However, I still have some meat leftovers that I have to finish so they don’t go bad since I will be leaving my current project at the end of the month and the frozen meat probably will not make the 13 hour drive back.  So it looks like I will be starting it on 1/14. 

Overall, I am hoping to lose 30-50 lbs by this time next year.  If I get down to what I am hoping to be at, I am going to start up doing overnight hiking / orientation again.  I guess this is sort of my mid-life crisis, but after reading about Rusty’s trek in the highlands and making it part of his gaming of the Falklands  (see his blog entry here and here) got me thinking again about the enjoys I use to have hiking back in Boy Scouts and several battlefields I have visited.  So, I am going to start working to get back in shape and possibly look into joining an orienteering society in a couple of years.  I have no allusions that I will not be doing this any time soon, but here is to that goal of chasing white and orange markers!
Before I start into what is going on with my 2013 gaming projects, I want to announce a new development in gaming that does go hand-in-hand with my Anarchy in the UK project.  Okumarts Game is making a line of 28mm paper figures for a TV style 1960s - ‘80s UK troubles called “Spot of Bother”(Link).  While they will be cartoony, I like the look of them and I am really looking forward to them. See the example of a figure for the line that is posted on their forum below.  According to the artists/owner, he hopes to be releasing the first two sets sometime this month, probably through RPGNow online store.  I plan to pick them up for stand-ins for my 20mm (reduce print size).  I will probably also use them more for humorous type of games, sort of an Austin Powers spy game without buying the “Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang” 28mm figures if he does release some swing spies and jumpsuit minions figures (which I really, really want but can’t bring myself to brake the ‘no more 28s’ commitment…maybe in a couple of years ).  
Now, on to some news for the 2013’s gaming projects:  When I went home for Xmas, besides getting a head start on painting my room, I got a small section of my books catalog.  I now got that list on an excel spread sheet broken down up theme (ACW, Falklands, Congo War, etc.), author’s last name, and the title of the book.  I plan to add a column for a short description (like, 1861 Lyon’s Campaign in MO by an Iowa soldier).  Right now, I am looking at over 300 books done.  It is really time to start selling off some of these books and cutting back on my “interests”.

Also when I left home from Xmas, I grabbed three Metcalfe cardboard building kits for my Anarchy project.  I really didn’t think that I would get really far on them with my work schedule and staying in a hotel, but I am basically finished with all three of them.  All that is left to do is add some chimney pots, some roofing flash, and decided if I want to add the optional dormer and bay windows.  I will probably be totally finished in the next day or two with all three depending on free time.  Now I am wishing I grabbed one or two more of the Metcalfe kits when I left.  But, I have my PDFs from Scale Scenes, but I need to go to a copy center and have good copies printed off and buy some cardboard stock to do those.
Note the two figures that I started working on - first ones for the year!

I also started cleaning molding lines off of some 20mm figures that I brought with me at the same time.  Plus I started on two figures with base coats.  These figures are from either the Elhiem’s COPS05 (Cops or villains) set or the Under Fire’s Armed (UK) Police 1 & 2 sets.  The Elhiem set screams 1970s and got some great characters for geezers.  I am hoping this set, along with their ‘70s detectives set, might mean some more future releases for this period from Elhiem.  The Under Fire’s Armed Police sets are very much for the 2000’s era and not the ‘70s, but since part of the story behind my whole Anarchy project is a parallel dystopian UK, who is to say that the police might not started the Armed Response sections even earlier.  Now, I rather that they were armed with Sterling SMG’s or Ruger Mini-14 carbines, but the MP5 was from that period, but the G36 carbine was not.  Regardless, they look cool and clearing have the right feel.
Elhiem's COPS04: 70s Detectives - picture from their website
Elhiem's COPS05: Cops or Villains
Under Fire's Armed (UK) Police 1
Under Fire's Armed (UK) Police 2
I still have not decided on the rules for Anarchy yet.  I want to find something that will easily handle games between only 5 figures on the board, up to a reinforced platoon.  I have several rules sets that I bought, but need to do some trial runs with the boys that I game with and see what everyone’s opinions are and weigh out the pros & cons.  I don’t want it be too fast, but don’t want tons of record keeping.  Right now, I am looking at: Chain Reaction 3.0, Cold War 1983, Flying Lead, Savage Worlds’ Showdown, Use Me, 7TV, and Geezers, Shut It! (You got to love the title of that last one!)  I pretty much ruled out Force on Force and Too Fat Lardies’ Mud & Blood system as they are not for individuals, but combat as fire team / squads, but Mud & Blood does have individual Big Men.  But I am afraid that the more individual base systems will fall flat when I try to do a platoon on platoon action.  So it may very well be two rules sets in the end after all (which in that case, Mud & Blood will be back in the mix).  Some of the local gamers at home are getting into Bolt Action pretty big, but I would have to play it or hear more of their comments before I would consider putting it in the possible rules as I really don’t know anything about it other than it exists at this moment and I sort of got the impression that it is closer to Force on Force for only being teams with no individuals.

Well, that is about it with my 2013 gaming projects start to roll together and still forward.

Be seeing you


Simon Q said...

Good luck with the loosing weight project, Look forward to see what you do with the KKBB stuff.

Sapper Joe said...


Thanks for the best wishes. I think you might have misunderstood the KKBB stuff. I am not planning to do it unless the "Spot of Bother" paper figures line releases a swing spies set. I would love to do KKBB, but right now I have banned myself from doing any new 28mm projects. However, if I were to do another 28mm project, KKBB would be very high on the list.