Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Flames of War – Me?

Well, I finally got to go home for a weekend this last weekend.  I finally played Flames of War since, oh I don’t know, 2002 or early 2003.  It was not a game, but a more of a re-introducing me back to the rules as well as introducing the rules to Blake W, another St. Louis game, for the first time and was put on by Steve H & Curtis T. 
Unfortunately, I failed to bring a camera, so I don’t have any pictures of Steve’s lovely toys.  The ‘game’ was a 1941 East Front with a German panzer company and a panzergrenadier company vs. a Soviet tank company and infantry company.  Steve & Curtis pushed the Russians and Blake and I pushed the Germans.  At the end, both sides basically was about to control their objectives and either would be in position to regain control of the other objective. 

Overall, it was an enjoyable event.  But I will admit there was one thing that bothered me, but it turns out that it was a forgotten oversight in the rules.  In Steve’s & Curtis’ defense, this was their second game.  Things like that happen and this was NOT a competitive game, but a friendly get together to throw dice and move toys, so all is good.  The rules seem tight, but gamey, and I can see where it is designed for fast play and basic tactics vs. friction and advance tactical decisions.   Now a days, with free time getting more and more rare, fast play is winning out in my decision making for gaming rules.  Plus, I like simple rules more and more.  This is not to say that I think Too Fat Lardies (TFL) are no longer my rules that love, but realistically, I have to look at other rules if I am going to play against others, especially if there are team games.  The friction in TFL games will always be my favorite. 

Other than that, my biggest complaint about FoW is the UGO-IGO system.  I hate that in certain games, mainly tactical games.  I have been spoiled with the randomness of TFL games that I just don’t care for UGO-IGO.  I can live with it and it works for the rules system.  Maybe one day, we can try a play-test some randomness and see if it works or if it will fall flat on its face.  Some games just don’t work with random activations. 

As for making a force for FoW, I have a ton of unpainted 15mm WWII that I have been trying to sell off, plus a good start in a painted force of US and German infantry.  So, I plan to eventually rebase them to FoW stands (I was planning to rebase them anyway, just never got around to it) and keep what I need to finish off both of those companies with support (which is what I was planning to do anyway.)  Other than that, I will plan to eventually do a 1940-2 British Home Guard force and German paratroopers (both which I already have a start on for purchasing.)  Otherwise, I plan to keep selling off the rest of my 15mm WWII.

In other news, I made some more head way in painting my bedroom.  I finished off another wall, moved one of the bookcases and painted the wall behind that.  Then replaced it and placed all of my books on that one.  This will be a slow process, but it is getting done.

That pretty much wraps up my life since Xmas. 


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combatcolours said...

Nice pic of the "2nd Edition" book -you played the new shiney "3rd Edition" which doesn't have a awesome cover like it's predessor!

I think UgoIgo just needs planning in making sure your units are in position to counter any opponent actions on their turn.
Glad you had fun!
later, Steve