Sunday, April 21, 2013

Back to no life

Well, here I am back in South Carolina with a new project for work.  Once again, my hours will be at a minimum, 12 hours a day,twelve days on, two days off, for the next five to six months.  So, it looks like little if any progress in gaming, except by commissioning others to do work for me.  I really hate my career choice.  Another three to five years and I am out, if I don't snap first.

Anyways, the Falklands' solitaire game, "Where There Is Discord" (see my entry on it) had its release date push back about another three months.  But I am OK with that as they decided to release their WWII Operation Sealion solitaire game, "Codeword Cromwell" at the same time.  So I went ahead and pre-order that as well.

Speaking of solitaire board games, I have a few that I will try to review later on this blog.  I have been picking up solitaire games for a while because I do tend to be alone more times than not.  I still prefer game with my friends, but it is nice to be able to do a game when it is not possible to game with them. 

Most of my solitaire games are the "pick your own ending" type books or RPG scenarios, but i have some board games.  However, with computer games, both of these type of solitaire games have greatly vanished over the years.  I have never been thrilled with computer games, I don't why, but I just don't care for them.  That is not to say that I have a couple of favorites that play every so often, but I rarely get one computer game in a year!  

Finally, if all goes well, I will be trying to do my Charlie Don't Surf game again in the first part of May.  Fingers crossed!

Be seeing you



Pete. said...

Can't say I can help you with your punishing work schedule but I can offer a couple of suggestions for solo games. Both are from GMT- Labyrinth and Andean Abyss, whilst meant for more players the flow chart style solo rules give a really good game. Have you seen either of them?



Sapper Joe said...

Thanks for the heads up, Pete!