Wednesday, July 24, 2013

High School Map Kickstarter

I know that I have mention some Kickstarter campaigns on this blog before, but I rarely advertize the ones that I support on this blog.  Some I just don’t mention because they really don’t follow the general theme of this blog, that being miniature gaming or history, like the Call of Cthulhu 7th edition RPG Kickstarter that ended a while ago (I don’t get to play Call of Cthulhu, but I really do like the stories and adventure arcs.)  But this is one of those that I am supporting and it does relate to miniature gaming.  This is map of a generic US high school for RPG’s / miniature games by Fabled Environments.  While it is normally intended for RPG gamers, it can be very useful to the minimalist miniature gamer that just wants to use a map of an interior of a building to do a skirmish base game, like a police raid or zombie hunt.

I have several of Fabled Environments maps and I do like them.  You can print them out with squares or without.  They are scaled to be 1” = 5’ (1:60) making them ready to go for 28mm.  If you print at a reduced scale of print to 60% will get you 15mm (1:100) or to 79%-83% will get you 20mm (1:75.9 to 1:72).  So, all of the key scales can be covered with just a little effort in the printing.

As part of this Kickstarter, anyone who backs it at the $10 level will receive an exclusive PDF map of typical US school bus that holds 50 kids along with the PDF of the high school and a football stadium.  That is not a bad deal at all.  Also for another $10, you get the PDF of a two story mall or a fast food restaurant.

This Kickstarter ends in just about 30 hours.   So you will need to take action soon if you want to get in.


Pete. said...

Great heads up- I'll pledge I think. I've used their map to run games in the past and it worked very well.



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