Saturday, July 27, 2013

Working in my basement / gaming room

I had a couple of weeks off from work this month and I did some cleaning and reorganization of my bedroom and the basement, which includes my gaming area.  I am still working away at it, slowly, but I did throw out 5 large industrial size trash bags of junk!  I finally got one of my two gaming tables cleared off of junk and folded it up.  I also got everything out from underneath the other table too.  I have to clear the top off that is buried under a foot or two of junk.  Once that is done, I will fold that table up and put it away.   If anyone is in the St. Louis area and wants two 6’ x 2-1/2’ (72”x30”) white plastic folding tables, you can have these.  I am looking at getting rid of both of them and replace them with three 4’x2’ tables. 
I am going to do this because I am placing another one or two wire shelf units along one wall, which will narrow the area around the table to sit at or walk around.  With the two large tables, I will have a table space of 6’x5’, but only less than 2’ on either side of the table.  As I am not a skinny, wee lad any more, and less than 2’ is not going to cut it.  But with the three smaller tables, I can arrange them to have either a 4’x4’ table or a 6’x4’ table, which would give me just under 2’-6” per side, which is also the suggested minimum room for a chair at a table.  Ideal space is 3’ from the table edge to the shelves.  Also, by the table only being 4’ wide, it makes it much easier to reach across the table to the opposite edge making it possible that I can shift the tables up to the shelves and then having just under 5’ of space to walk around three of the four sides of the table.  I might even get some narrower shelves to replace the existing ones on the opposite wall which can get me a few more inches (2 or 3) to both sides of the table.   Oddly enough, this actually reinforces my earlier blog entry about scaling my games down to a 4’x4’ gaming area, but I didn’t even knew it then!
On a side note, in my bedroom, I am looking at having some custom shelves made to place on two of my short walls (again, I have eight walls in my bedroom).  The shelves would be in a “L” shape and bout 6” deep, so you can easily stack DVD’s, CD’s, and medium size paperbacks on them.  I am trying to think long term here, so if I sell my house years from now I can make it a selling point (not much of one, but still a positive point) vs. making narrow shelves just for displaying miniatures/nick-nacks.  But I have no clue if 20+ years from now if DVD’s/CD’s or their replacements will be more or less the same size.   Also, I have no clue in if 20+ years if paperback books will be a thing of the dinosaur, so maybe these shelves will not be a useful thing.
Anyway, on to finishing Phase II for getting gaming back into my home.


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