Tuesday, August 13, 2013

GenCon or bust! And a bit of basement/game area update

Well, I am off to Gen Con Indy tomorrow morning with one of my RPG friends.  I was not sure if I was going to go as my vehicle took a crap a couple of days before my flight home for the the trip to Indy.  I was able to get a lift to the airport (it is a five hour round trip for the individual that drove me, so I could just get anyone to give me a lift.)  Anyway, I made it back and now I just finished backing for the trip.

Gen Con and I have a love/hate relationship.  Generally, I hate it - the crowds, the unwashed masses, not my favorite gaming (I prefer semi-historical wargaming), and generally too costly.  But I always find something that I really loved from my experience.  Unfortunately, it is generally not that many good things to make me want to make regular attendance to it.  This is the third time I have went.  I went once in 1991, then again in 2003.  So it is about every 10 years that I make this trip.  Last time, I was in a great RPG scenario based on John Carpenter's The Thing and ran into my old college roommate's ex-girlfriend who married a cartoonist - she was the last person I would have ever thought that would had anything to do with a geek.

Hopefully, I will have some good experiences again this year.

And as a side note, I got two more shelves units up in the basement, but I am waiting to put stuff on them as I need to have someone do some electrical wiring on the wall (I have to have a licensed electrician to install it, otherwise the city will fine me and make me take it out if I ever sell the house.)  Also, I bought two 4'x2' tables to replace my 6'x2-1/2' tables in the gaming area.  With the shelves, there would be no way around the bigger tables.  As it is, I now have 28" along the two narrow sides of the table space with the smaller tables.

I am hoping to run a game in late Sept., maybe the try of TFL's Chain of Command for my Anarchy in the UK project.  

Be seeing you


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Pete. said...

Hope you have a great trip- I'll be interested to see your report. Always nice to see how conventions are done on your side of the pond- things are very different here.