Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Another Kickstarter and another new project

Well, I decided after some serious debate with myself about supporting another Kickstarter campaign and getting into yet another new gaming project, I am supporting another Kickstarter and starting another project.  I don’t know why I keep torturing myself like this because I know I don’t have the time to do any of the projects that I already started, plus this one is also violating my “No 28mm” rule that I announce on this blog earlier this year!  But after thinking it over and hearing about it for too long, I decided to take the plunge.  So now I am backing Baker Company’s Winter War Kickstarter (link: )

Actually it is a very good deal and it is amazing for what you are getting with your pledge.  I decided to support at the ‘Mannerheim Line’ level which will get me a Finnish infantry platoon and two Russian infantry platoons, plus various terrain packs and one of each unlock bonus stretch goals per platoon!  As of now, the pledge is over 27,000 GBP and there is still under two weeks left.  Using the cost for the add-on packs for determining the actual retail value of what I am getting, I figure that I am getting about 679.50 GBP of figures for just 220 GBP!  That is about 33% of the cost for everything!  If the pledges continue and more stretch goals get unlocked, that is more free stuff added the pot!  This is an amazing deal.  The ‘Border Assault deal’ is even a better deal for a discount.  But it is only one platoon of Finnish and Russians, plus the bonus stretch goals which is about 29% of estimated retail value!  Plus this not even figuring the savings from the fact that this is free shipping worldwide into the retail cost…standard practice is anywhere from 10-20% for most retailers shipping from the UK to the US.  So in reality, the savings for the Kickstarter supporters is even greater then what I figured out above.
Painted examples of the miniatures from the Kickstarter site
Plus the fundraiser, Baker Company, is a well established company and not some fly by night questionable cad.  I figured that even if I decide after a few years that I will never complete the project and do anything with them, I can still sell them about the same amount that I bought them at and still come out even in the sale.

Now I plan to use TFL’s Chain of Command (CoC) for this project.  As TFL society is really supporting this project, some of the first official army lists that have been released for free cover the Winter War, plus a nice download on Finnish tactics during the Winter War and can be found on the official TFL’s blog ( & ).  I am already starting to look for suitable wintery terrain, like trees with snow on them, terrain mat, etc.  I am really hoping that the pledge level reaches the next level at 30,000 GBP as that will unlock the field kitchen and soldiers eating for both the Finnish and Russians.  The other stretch goals are also great, but I am really looking forward to the kitchen set myself.
Another pic of the painted miniatures from the Kickstarter site
Also, as part of this new project, is looking for reading material on the Winter War.  I ordered Kindle versions of Ospreys of Finland at War and Mannerheim Line, as well as the Kindle book, A Frozen Hell, by William Trotter.  Unfortunately, I failed to notice that I order a “Pre-order” version of A Frozen Hell, so I guess it is an updated version of the one that is available now.  So I have to wait unit November to start reading that book.  I want to buy War of the White Death by Bair Irincheev as well, but as it is a Stackpole book and they somewhat regularly have a free book(s) sale on weekends, I am holding off on buying it until after I have read the other three books just in case it comes up as a free sale by then.

So I am ending this blog entry with a music moment of Zen with tribute song to the Fins during the Winter War by the Swedish metal rock band, Sabaton, called Talvisota



Clint said...

I have looked at this kickstarter as well. So far I have resisted. I think I shall remain strong partly because the rest of my club are doing chain of command in 20mm and partly because I have enough to keep me occupied as it is.

I just have to keep telling myself "Step away from the Pledge Button! Step away from the Button!"

Thomas Nissvik said...

Clint, we are doing Winter War in 20mm at my club too. That is no reason not to fall for this KS, we will simply move up to running larger actions using IABSM and keep CoC for the smaller fights and do them in 28mm. It is all a matter of justification! ;-)

Joe, I have a book by Hjalmar Siilasvuo, the commander at Suomussalmi on my desk right now. I'll scan the pics during my lunch break and them make them available on the Baker Company website.

combatcolours said...

for 300 you could have gotten buildings too!

Pete. said...

Can't beat that for a bargain, be one heck of a collection in one lump. I look forward to seeing what you do with it.