Sunday, October 20, 2013

Kickstarters of Interest


Well, I have been a busy little guy between work and travelling, plus had a few minor incidents at work and an OSHA (for non-Americans, a government agency that inspects your job for safety & health violations and can issue up to $7000 fines per violation) visit not related to the incidents.  That went pretty good, but not perfect.  Well, that comes with my job of being a safety guy!  Anyways, I have three Kickstarters that perk my interest, but I am only support one at a low level and waiting for another.  So let’s talk about them!
Art work form the 1933: A Nation Divided Kickstarter

First is “1933: A Nation Divided” (Link).  This Kickstarter is for an American version of the popular A Very British Civil War (AVBCW), which includes a book and 25mm figures and possible vehicles.  I am supporting this only at the book level, as I am really interested in reading the story line, but I really am not interested in starting another gaming period…especially in 25mm!  The Winter War has kicked me of doing 25mm again as I am trying to figure out how I am going to store everything.  The greens for the figures for this are very nice and anyone interested in AVBCW could probably use them.  

The greens for 1933: A Nation Divided from their site

The second one has not been started yet, but should start around April.  Gav Taylor of Baker Company has put a poll to his Winter War Kickstarter supporters on what his next Kickstarter will be.  Right now, it might be Norway, 1940, or the Balkans, 1941, in 28mm.  Right now, I am really hoping for Norway.  As I will be gathering up winter terrain for 28mm Winter War, I really have no desire to switch regions.  Plus the French & British for Norway could be used to do the almost conflict between them and the USSR when they planned to support Finland in 1939-40.  Plus, there is a company that has a small collection of Sweds in 25mm, but in summer uniforms, for the possible Anglo-French invasion of Sweden to cut the minerals sources off from Hitler.  (Link to 28mm 1930’s Sweds).  So, depending on if the Kickstarter is for Norway or the Balkans will decide if I support it or not.

The Swedish from Adalen Miniatures from their site

Finally, the last Kickstarter project is “Mars Attack” miniature game.  (Link)  I am not supporting this, but it is pretty hard to resist!  This is too cool!  Again, the Winter War Kickstarter took it out of me for the rest of this year, but General Tor commands me to attack!  Ack, ack, ack, ack!

Painted "Mars Attacks" figures from the their Kickstarter site




Pete. said...

Like you I'm tempted in the Civil War at the book level only. I've not intention of gaming it but I'm a sucker for an alternate history setting.



commissarmoody said...

I am currently supporting 1933 A Nation divided at a higher level. But I am planing on gaming the era.

Jon Yuengling said...

I am also very interested in the 1933 A Nation Divided but as I play in 15mm I do not need the figures and tanks. Although I d love to have a Liberty tank in 15mm.