Sunday, October 6, 2013

Winter War Update

[Ed. note: I had type up most of this entry below a few days ago, but never had enough time to finish it and post it until now, but I did edit the time remaining and current pledge amount below, and added a picture.  I have about an hour before I have to go in to work for the afternoon/evening shift.  Friday, I worked 18 hours (yea!), but that still does not beat my current record for hours at work (excluding the military) at 26!  Thank the lord I am salary and don't get payed for all of that overtime!] 

Seriously, I am actually feeling guilty over this Kickstarter!  I am almost afraid that Baker Company is actually past the point of even being profitable and may even lose money on this project!  As of my last looking at the Kickstarter site, there is just over 40 hours left on the project, which has also met all of the free stretch goals, and are just over the first 'Add-on' stretch goal.  As it stands now, based on everything that you get as part of your pledge, compared to the ‘Add-on’ cost, assuming that will be the final retail price, the best buy is still the Finnish platoon pledge, which comes up to only to be 20.6% (!) of the retail cost.  The ‘Border Assault’ pledge now just 21.2% (!) of the retail cost. Also, keep in mind that that is not even figuring in the fact that you get free shipping to the US from the UK or the Kickstarter exclusive personality miniature of Simo Häyhä.  

Kickstarter exclusive personality miniature of Simo Häyhä from Update #24
I seriously doubt that you will ever see another Kickstarter like this again.  What an amazing sale for all of the supporters of this pledge.  I have not add up the number of actual figures that I will be getting with the ‘Mannerheim Line’ pledge, but I bet it will be around 300+, 6 AFVs, 6 soft skins, 4 guns, and 3 kitchen wagons, plus all of the trenches and terrain bits!   I got to start making room for all of this in my basement.  Plus, I am going to have to break the bank on the cost to get all of these figures painted.

It is a an expensive upfront cost, but if you consider that if wait until after this Kickstarter ends it will cost you almost FIVE TIMES more that what you pledge for to buy the same amount of stuff that comes in the ‘Border Assault’, this is a seriously amazing deal. 

For a moment of Zen, here is another Sabaton video about the Winter War called, “White Death” and is specifically about Simo Häyhä.  


Al said...

Cool Blog Joe, link added

Thomas Nissvik said...

My buddy Jocke and I have pledged for three platoons to split between us. We will be painting after the Winter War ends and into the Continuation War. ;-)

Cincinnatus said...

Nice modeling. Can't wait to see them painted.

Sapper Joe said...

Same here, Cincinnatus, same here!