Sunday, March 9, 2014

Personal News & Kickstarters of note

Well, it is not that really exciting, but I do have some news about my job.  Basically, my job in South Carolina has wrapped up and I at home for a couple of weeks to work on some local projects (I think), then off to cover another project out of state for a week or two, then possibly on to Kansas…but that might get postpone a couple of weeks depending on this crazy weather in the US.  So, what does that mean?  Basically, any blog entries for this month and part of next month will be sporadic…like that is anything new!  But really, it means that I probably will not have any real substance, but I will try.  But I will get some time to work in my basement sorting out stuff to sell or throw away and try to get a gaming area by June!

Now, I would like to talk about four Kickstarters that think are cool and are worth a look.  I am going to list them by which will be ending first.

First is a collection of short stories called, Delta Green: Tales from Failed Anatomies (link).  It has less than two days to go.  As of right now, it has enough funding that anyone that pledges at $15+, will get electronic files for two volumes of 13 stories each, plus several more stories and audio-cast of a few short  stories, and coupon to order a Print On Demand hard copy for the two volumes at minimum costs.  If you are not familiar with Delta Green, it can described as X-Files meets Cthulhu.  There is a RPG supplement  called Delta Green where the players are government agents, who are not supported by the government, trying to investigate the hidden horrors of the Lovecraftian lore, but these are the novelization based on that idea.  I have read one of their previous collections of short stories and most are pretty good.  It is well worth it if you like to read.

Second is a Solo RPG system called, Journey To The Overland (link).  This project has just under a week left.  I like to point this one out as I grew up playing a lot of the Solo RPG systems, most the “Pick Your Own Ending” system books.  With the creation of computer games, this style of hard copy games basically vanished.  It me, it is the retro love of what got me in gaming.  So I am backing it, even if it is not my favorite theme for gaming (Fantasy).  But from the examples they provided, it looks well thought out and even possible to convert some things over to a medieval quest type game.

Next is a line of miniatures & rules for a Pulp like Sci-Fi game called, Counterblast (link).  There is just under two weeks left on this one.  Of the four Kickstarters I am mentioning here, this is the only one that I am only backing at $1 level.  I think the figures are cool, but I really don’t want to start this project.  But, I am tempted to pick up some of the individual figures, especially from the bots and the Illyrian, because I like them, even if I don't use them for gaming.  But as of now, I am only supporting them because I want them to succeed.

Finally, this is another 25mm project that I am supporting, because it looks really cool and it doesn't take many figures, Across the Dead Earth (link).  This project is just under three weeks left on it.  I kicked in for the pro-painted figures level, because it is rather reasonable amount at £5 per painted figure, including the cost of the figures and that is assuming the softcover rules book to be free, so they are cheaper then that!  You really can't beat that for a price.  Examples of the painted figures are on their site and they look nice!  I have to thank (or I think that it should be to curse) Simon Q (link) for all of his posting on his blog, including AAR's, for getting me to look into this Kickstarter.  Sigh...more buildings and terrain to make/buy.
I don't think that I am going to get that carried away with my terrain for Across the Dead Earth like this

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alastair said...

Across the Dead Earth looks good in fact that I've taken the plunge! I'd been thinking about adapting In Her Majesties Name for a post-apocalypse game but the sight of a ruined Tescos was enough to convince me!!

History PhD said...

Good luck with all the travel Joe