Thursday, June 5, 2014

Minor updates

I am still alive, but working very long hours, 15 hours most days now.  Today, I got off early (hey, only 11 hours today!) due to rains and high winds.  So, a quick summary since last entry:

I finished my book on the Swedes during the Winter War.  Then I read,
and finished, an interesting travel journal called, Six Days on the Hurricane Deck of a Mule; An account of a journey made on mule back in Honduras, C.A. in August, 1891, by Almira Stillwell Cole.  A rather enjoyable, short account by a "modern" American woman on her travels in Honduras on a mule.  So, now, I am starting to read Casino Royale, by Ian Fleming.  As I mention in my last entry, I want to take a break from historical books for a moment.

I did listen to one of my audiobooks that I had bought in the past as well, The Day the Universe Changed, by James Burke.  James Burke is one of those amazing story tellers that I never get bored listening to.  I decided to also add on all of my audiobooks to my list for my 2014 commitments as well for books I have read.

Anyways, it looks like that I took my first step into that bottomless septic hellhole of 40K as I bought a used copy of the 6th edition hardback copy of the 40K rules off of Ebay (this is the rules that my friends will be using.  The good news is that it cost me just under $18, including shipping...yeah!

Now, a moment of Tau Zen

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