Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Minor Updates

So, what have I been doing this year so far?  Well, I have not been painting miniatures for one thing!  The last few weekends I have been working on Saturday and Sunday I have been busy doing other things, like visiting the Georgia State Railroad Museum and the Revolutionary War site for the Battle of Savannah, GA.  This last weekend I went home for the weekend.  Next weekend, I will most likely have to work Saturday and Sunday is the Super Bowl, so I might get some painting done in the late morning and early afternoon. 

I was pretty happy to get to the GA State Railroad Museum.  I got to ride on a train that included being on one of the last dozen or so operational turntables in the US.  Also got to go through a couple of executive passenger cars and got see an old 1870’s passenger car and a 1890 Baldwin Steam locomotive.  The battlefield was fairly small, but the original site was pretty much lost in the 1800’s.  So there is now a reproduction fort that the British were using during the battle that is now there.

Book wise, I am still plugging away at the Ian Fleming’s James Bond series.  I am now reading the 6th installment, Dr. No.  I am glad to finally get around to reading these.  I was always a big James Bond movie fan since I was a little kid, whether it was watching the TV movie night re-runs of the Sean Connery films or seeing the Roger Moore ones at the theater.  I have watched them all, including the three non-EON productions!  While Sean Connery and Roger Moore were my favorites, Daniel Craig’s Bond is favorite by far now.  Now that I am reading the novels, Daniel Craig or Timothy Dalton really are the closest portrayals to the book version.

As for audio books, I finished the Kaiser’s Pirates and it really is worth it to read / listen to if you have an interest in WWI naval.  I am currently listening to The Guns of August by Barbara Tuchman.  I can easily see why she was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for writing it.  I am going to have to look into reading / listening to her book on the Zimmermann Telegram.  



Simon Quinton said...

The books are fantastic. They really are interesting and a sign of the times. Not got to the modern ones myself yet. I would certainly agree about Craig and Dalton being the closest to the books.

Sapper Joe said...

I can see why movies made true to the novels would not do good, especially now, but man, I wish they were a lot closer to the original stories.