Sunday, January 4, 2015

Xmas Pressies: 2014

Well, sorry that I have not got around to this but things were rather busy for me the last couple of weeks.  So I am a bit behind on a lot of things (including replying to various emails & comment on my blog.)  Now that is out, let getting rolling on this entry, shall we?

This year, my family agreed not to give any gifts with the passing of my aunt in August was still too recent, but instead to spend the amount that we would have spent on ours for ourselves.  At first I did not know what I wanted and only on New Year's Day I decided to spend it mostly on audio books from which I am a member (giving me a discount) and had several book credits available still (hence why the list is so long below!)  But I also bought some CD's from other sources which I will have to wait until I go back home from my out-of-town project to pick up.  So what did I order?

From I order the following: 

Radio Plays / Dramatizations (credit to the play group)
  • Star Wars by National Public Radio
  • Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back by National Public Radio
  • Star Wars: Return of the Jedi by National Public Radio
  • Frozen Frights Vol 1 by Icebox Radio Theater
  • Frozen Frights Vol 2 by Icebox Radio Theater
  • Icebox Radio Theater:A Day at the Lake by Icebox Radio Theater
  • Icebox Radio Theater: Creature Feature by Icebox Radio Theater
  • Icebox Radio Theater: Out of the Shadows by Icebox Radio Theater
  • Agent 13 and the Invisible Empire Pt 1 by The Colonial Radio Players
  • Agent 13 and the Invisible Empire Pt 2 by The Colonial Radio Players
  • Allan Quartermain and the Lord of the Locusts by The Colonial Radio Players
  • Murder on the Orient Express by BBC Radio 4
  • The Great Tennessee Monkey Trial by the LA Theater Works
  • Seven Days in May by the LA Theater Works
  • War of the Worlds by the LA Theater Works
  • The Goon Show Classics Vol 1: the Dreaded Batter Pudding Hurlery of Bexhill-on-Sea & the Histories of Pliny the Elder by The Goon Show
  • Escape! High Adventure by various 1950's radio shows
Then for books:
  • Violence Is the Only Solution: 3 Vic Powers' Crime Tales by Gary Lovisi
  • Classic Railway Murders by various authors
  • Star Trek: Spock vs Q by Leonard Nimoy
  • Star Trek: Spock vs Q, the Sequel by Cecelia Fannon
  • The Siege at Peking by Peter Fleming
  • Island of Vice: Theodore Roosevelt's Doomed Quest to Clean Up Sin-Loving New York by Richard Zacks
  • Gallipoli by Peter FitzSimons
  • Kokoda by Peter FitzSimons
  • The Kaiser's Pirates: Hunting Germany's Raiding Cruisers 1914-1915 by Nick Hewitt (especially pick this one up as Blake W. is reading it and I figure that I would listen to it as a pseudo book club!) 
I also order three out-of-print CD's for the audio drama Space 1889 series from Noise Monster Productions.  These included The Steppes of Thoth, The Siege of Alclyon, and The Lunar Inheritance titles.  However, I am missing the first volume, Red Devils! I have been searching for it on Ebay and on the web and can not find a copy of it.  If you know where I can get a copy or willing to part with yours, please let me know!
Anyways, stay tune as I am going to try to get up a Year in Review for 2014 and what is planned for 2015 up later today.



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