Friday, February 13, 2015

Some books, a Kickstarter or two, a house, and one particular harbor

Well, once again I don’t have much to talk about for gaming, but I got some general information.
First, some books: I am still plugging away at knocking out the Ian Fleming’s ‘James Bond’ series in chronological order.  I am well over half way through the For Your Eyes Only book, which is really a collection of 5 short stories.  I will probably be starting Thunderball early next week.  On Monday and Wednesday of this week I had to do a bit of driving, so I listened to several radio plays and knocked out listening to Dead Mountain, which is about the Dyatlov Pass disaster. This one was sort of narrative of what was known to have happen to the hikers and a travel log of the author’s travels to Russia to follow the hikers route.  This one book also gives a realistic reason for what happen, like the book I read last year (even though it has the misleading UFO picture on the cover.)  I am getting ready to start listening to the audio book, Gallipoli by Peter FitzSimons.  It has some great reviews and the author is a respected journalist who also written several other books on the history of Australia that I look forward to reading or listening to (Ned Kelly, Mawson and the Antarctica explorers, Eureka Stockade, Tobruk, and Kokoda.)

A Kickstarter or two: While I am supporting a couple of different Kickstarters, there is one that I figure most of you would be interested to know about and that is ‘Ghostbusters: The Board Game’.  How can anyone not like the Ghostbusters!   It is only a couple days into it and they are over $430K raised, plus another 27 days to go.  Besides the subject matter, what is cool about it is that it is a co-op game up to 4 players or a solo board game.  Check it out at this link.  Also, if you like paper terrain, check out the Fat Dragon Games’ Kickstarter for Wilderness Adventures at this link.
A House:  A bit of personal good news.  After my last house mortgage payment, I only own $146 (yes, one hundred and forty-six dollars) on my house.  Whoo-ho!
One Particular Harbour: So a bit of local news, Jimmy Buffett is coming to St Louis in June for a party!  I am planning to be in attendance since I have been a Parrothead since 1983 when I first heard his song, ‘One Particular Harbour.’  I rarely ever go to concerts, but I got to go see Jimmy as it has been ages since the last time I saw him in concert.
So as a final touch, I will sign off this entry with a YouTube clip of Jimmy Buffett’s ‘One Particular Harbour’.

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