Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Kindle Fire is dead! All Hail Fire HDX!

Woe are the tears of despair from my Kindle Fire!  Monday, my Kindle Fire's USB port broke / came loose to where it was not charging at all unless I keep wiggling my power cable into the right spot.  Now, I can't even do that.  
The little evil device that I must replace
Oh yes, that is a small little device to replace
I have been searching up on how to repair it and found quite a few self-help guides on the internet, plus some videos on YouTube.  As my Kindle Fire is just over three years old, it is out of warranty.  I got a self-repair kit on order, so hopefully it will arrive this weekend and I can try to fix it.  I have not done any soldering work in 20+ years, so I hope I don't screw it up. 

But, I had been thinking about replacing my Kindle Fire for a few months anyways for the current Fire HDX 7" for several reasons.  Since this happen, I just went ahead and ordered one, but I am still going to try to fix my Kindle Fire so I have a back up in the future.  I should have it this weekend too, so I might not be too long without my electronic crack cocaine.  :)

I feel like I am losing a close friend...


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