Saturday, June 13, 2015

Still alive

Sorry, I really don't have much to post other than I am still alive.  Work has been and looks to be very demanding and not giving me much if any free time.  When I have free time it is very limited and I basically waste it because I can't focus on anything.  I really have not even been reading for the last month, but I did finish the audiobook on the Border War, but have not started another.

I did however print off some paper buildings that I scaled down from 28mm to 15mm.  I finished two of them that were fairly easy (I forgot to take pictures and I am not anywhere near them to add them to this entry.)  One is an abandoned building from WorldWorks Games and the other is a TV repair shop from MicroTactix Games.  I also scaled down the dirty streets' tiles from WorldWorks Mayhem Streets of Legend for 15mm too (they are 4" sq. now).  I have printed off enough tiles to cover a 2'x2' area, but I have not got any further than that with the street tiles. This is my attempt to get a small gaming area set up to do various solo games when I am away from home.  I plan to look more at Two Hour Wargames and games like The Department, which I reviewed a couple of months back for the type of games that I will play (maybe).  I shouldn't need a bunch of minis and the bigger buildings will take up a good size footprint on a 2'x2', so I really should only need a half dozen buildings or so.  But going back to what I was stated in the previous paragraph, everything is basically at a stand still because of work.

I am going to try to type up part 7 of some of the more interesting things from the guerrilla warfare in Missouri, but I am not sure when I will have time.

Until then


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Pete. said...

Glad to know you are OK. I'm looking forward to seeing what you have done with the card terrain.