Thursday, July 30, 2015

Still alive!

I am still alive.  I have been busy with sorting through 28mm figures to eventually sell off and what I am going to keep.  With those that I am keeping, I am sorting into smaller boxes that would be used to store the "painted" figures after they are done so I actually know how much space that they are going to take up.  The boxes are also divided by project and the really most important thing...I am recording a listing of what I am keeping.  Because of this, I am seeing that I really need to eventually go back through with what I am keeping and downsize that again, but first I want to start sorting, bagging, and labeling 15mm miniatures to sell.

I also have been not reading much and I still have to type up my notes on some of the interesting engagements in the guerrilla war in Missouri from the book that I am still working on.  

I am going to try to have a more interesting post up maybe two weekends from now dealing with the guerrilla war in Missouri.



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Pete. said...

Really looking forward to the Civil War guerrilla info- I read all the previous installments with interest.