Thursday, October 1, 2015

I am still around

Sorry, but the month of September I have started a new project and I am now on 2nd shift.  I am still trying to get adjusted to a regular sleeping schedule.  Most of my free time has been goofing off on web-surfing or sorting through my 28mm stuff to sell or keep, plus make a master list of what I actually own in 28mm.  I am hoping to send another batch of figures off to be painted in another couple of weeks.

Now that I am sort of got a sleeping schedule, but it can vary up to 4 hours either way, I am hoping to start typing up some stuff again really soon.  But for now, I am planning to go get some sleep in about 30 minutes.


1 comment:

Blake Wood Walker said...

Looking good, Sapper Joe.
I'll see you tomorrow afternoon.