Saturday, February 6, 2016

Month’s end update

So as the first month of 2016 comes to a close, where do I stand on things for my resolutions and non-resolution hopes? 

In the last three months, I have lost another 10 lbs.  Since two-thirds of that time was last year, I am only giving myself credit for 3 lbs. for this year so far, so I am on a good track so far.

I am behind on my reading already.  I finished one book this month and have not started on the second.  So I am already behind as I was estimating two books a month.  The book that I did read was, War Plan Red: The United States’ Secret Plan to Invade Canada and Canada’s Secret Plan to Invade the United States, by Kevin Lippert.  The next book is to finish off the third volume of the Guerrilla War in Missouri.

I did get one miniature wargame in this month, even if it was a horrible defeat, so I am already tied for number of games played as 2015.

I still have not gotten around to posting my miniatures that I want to get rid of up yet, but I did pay for membership on The Miniatures Page so I can start posting stuff up there.  Plus, I sent out an email to local gamers that I know of my listing.  I am including my listing for 15mm that I am selling down below.  The prices don't reflect shipping cost if anyone is interested.


15-1 15mm WW2 German, Early War dismounted tankers, Battlefront x50 $5
15-2 15mm WW2 German, Infantry (various) + 1 Goliath, Peter Pig x109 $27
15-4 15mm WW2 German, Infantry Early & Late War, Battlefront & Old Glory x246 $74
15-5 15mm WW2 German, Late War dismounted tankers, Battlefront x95 $10
15-8 15mm WW2 German, Pz IB tanks, Battlefront x4 $13
15-9 15mm WW2 German, Pz IVD tank, Battlefront x1 $3.25
15-11 15mm WW2 German, Sdkfz 10/5, Battlefront x1 $3.25
15-12 15mm WW2 German, Sdkfz 221, Battlefront x2 $6.50
15-15 15mm WW2 German, Assault raft w/crews, QRF x2 $3.25
15-18 OG US DUKWs x4, primed $13
15-19 15mm WW2 US, DUKW trucks, Old Glory x8 $26
15-20 15mm WW2 US, M22 Airborne tank used by the British, QRF x1 $3.25
15-22 Bases, ? Manufacturer, Resin design to hold 2 to 4, 20mm (penny size) stands x10 - In 10/20mm box Free
15-23 BF WW2 US M7 SP x1 $3.25
15-24 BF WW2 US Reb Jackson M4 tank NIB x1 $3.25
15-25 BF WW2 US M26 tank x1 $3.25
15-26 OG WW2 UK M5 halftrack NIB x1 $3.25
15-27 Skytrek WW2 US  T19 halftrack NIB x1 $3.25
15-82 PP SCW Republicians Command with Beret NIB x1 $1.75
15-28 Skytrek WW2 US M15 SPAA CD224A NIB x1 $3.25
15-29 Skytrek WW2 US T30 halftrak CD223B NIB x1 $3.25
15-31 BF WW2 US M12 SP NIB x1 $3.25
15-34  BF WW2 US M3 halftracks x5 $16.25
15-35 BF WW2 German 251/9c x1 $3.25
15-36 OG WW2 German SDKfz 10-4 SPAA, no crew x1 $3.25
15-54 BF WW2 US M36 x1 $3.25
15-37 BF WW2 German ZIS-3 76mm Russian gun, crew, base x1 $3.25
15-38 OG WW2 German SDKfz 10-4 SPAA, no crew x1 $3.25
15-39 Yucca W2 Japanese Tanks set @1 each, 4 total: Ho Ni, Type 97 Chi Ha 57, Type 75, Type 97 Chi Ha 47 $13
15-40 BF WW2 German Pak 36, crew & base x1 $3.25
15-41 BF WW2 German SDKfz 251/7D x1 $3.25
15-43 BF WW2 German Panzer IB x2 $6.50
15-44 BF WW2 German SdKfz 9 halftrack NIB x1 $3.25
15-45 OG WW2 German Paras in Foxholes NIB x1 $5
15-46 BF WW2 German 10,5cm howitzers, crew, base x3 $9.75
15-47 BF WW2 German Pak 40, crew, base x1 $3.25
15-48  BF WW2 German 75mm IG Late war with crew, no base  $3.25
15-50 BF WW2 German Pak 38, crew, base x1 $3.25
15-51 SDD WW2 German SDKfz 251 NIB x1 $3.25
15-53 BF WW2 US M13 SPAA x1 $3.25
15-55 BF WW2 US General Harmon set, no bases, x1 $3.25
15-56 BF WW2 US M4A1 x1 $3.25
15-57 BF WW2 US T19 105mm HMC x1 $3.25
15-58 BF WW2 US M10 x1 $3.25
15-59 BF WW2 US 37mm AT, crew, base x2 $6.50
15-60 OG WW2 US 2-1/2 ton Command truck NIB x1 $3.25
15-61 QRF WW2 US M29 Weasel NIB X1 $3.25
15-62 BF WW2 Grant ARV x1 $3.25
15-63 BF WW2 UK Humber I AC x1 $3.25
15-64 Skytrek WW2 British Para jeeps NIB x1 $3.25
15-65 Essex WW2 US 5 Infantry NIB x1 $0.50
15-66 BF WW2 Italian M13/40 tank NIB x1 $3.25
15-67 BF WW2 Italian CV 33/35 tankette w/ 20mm x2 $6.50
15-68 OG WW2 Italian infantry Desert, some partly painted x80 $8.00
15-69 SDD WW2 German Alder AC NIB x1 $3.25
15-70 SDD WW2 German Alder AC NIB x1 $3.25
15-71 SDD WW2 UK Marmon Harrington MKIII AC NIB x1 $3.25
15-72 Peter Pig Minefields NIB x2 $3.50
15-73 Peter Pig WW2 Artillery Rounds NIB x2 $3.50
15-74 PP WW2 US M8 armored trailers NIB x1 $1.75
15-75  PP WW2 US Jeep NIB x1 $1.75
15-76 PP WW2 US Mortars NIB x1 $1.75
15-78 PP WW2 French Alpine Troops NIB x1 $1.75
15-79 PP WW2 French Mortars NIB x1 $1.75
15-80 PP WW2 Italian Bersaglieri LMGs NIB x1 $1.75
15-81 PP WW2 Italian Bersaglieri Command NIB x1 $1.75
15-83 PP SCW Republician Grenade troops NIB x1 $1.75
15-84 PP WW1 UK High Command Early War NIB x1 $1.75
15-85 PP WW1 UK Artillerymen Early War NIB x1 $1.75
15-86 PP WW1 UK Infantry Charging Early War NIB x1 $1.75
15-87 PP WW1 UK Infantry Charging Early War NIB x1 $1.75
15-97 BF WW2 UK M4A5 x5 $16.25
15-98 BF WW2 US M12 155mm GMC still in blister x1 $3.25
15-99 OG WW2 US 1-1/2 ton trucks x5 $16.25
15-100 BF WW2 Polish AT crew, no guns, x15 $1.50
15-101 OG WW2 US M8 A/C x3 $9.75
15-102  OG WW2 US 3/4 ton truck x3 $9.75
15-103 OG WW2 US Jeep x17 $17
15-104 OG M20 A/C x1 $3.25
15-105Zvezda WW2 USSR KV-1 still in box x2$4

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