Sunday, July 31, 2016

A bit of a Russian Civil War treat


Can you believe I am now posting my third (!!!) blog entry on the same day?  

I just came across this nice little treat keeping in lines of the Russian Civil War.  On LibriVox (free, public domain books read by volunteers) is an audio book version of Ferdinad Ossendowski's, Beast, Men, and Gods, an autobiography of the Mad Baron's Chief of Intelligence during his Mongolia campaign.  I listen to a bit of it to see if I like the narrator and he is not bad at all.  So if you are a bit interested in knowing more about Baron von Ungren-Sternberg, but don't have the time to read, you can download the free audio book in the mp3 format and listen to it while traveling.  

I keep forgetting to check LibriVox for an audio version of a public domain book.  It is well worth it.  

Also, check out Internet Archive (another favorite site of mine) for other public domain books and manuals, plus some old movies, radio plays, etc.  There is some great books from the American Civil War, the European conquest of Africa, WW1, and other stuff to keep some anyone busy reading for years if you are into those periods.



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