Falklands War Books

Some Books on the subject

Have Read

Anderson, Duncan; The Falklands War 1982 (Osprey Essential Histories)

Bicheno, Hugh; Razor's Edge

Braybrook, Roy; Battle for the Falklands (3) : Air Forces (Osprey Men-At-Arms Series)

Chant, Christopher; Air War in the Falklands 1982 (Osprey Combat Aircraft)

der Bijl, Nick Van; Nine Battles to Stanley

der Bijl, Nick Van; Argentine Forces in the Falklands (Osprey Men-At-Arms Series)
English, Adrian; Battle for the Falklands (2) : Naval Forces (Osprey Men-At-Arms Series)

Fowler, Will; Battle for the Falklands (1) : Land Forces (Osprey Men-At-Arms Series)

Harper, Steven R, Lt. Cmdr.; Submarine Operations During the Falklands War

Landry, Chris D, Major; British Artillery During Operation Corporate

Middlebrook, Martin; Argentine Fight For the Falklands

Middlebrook, Martin; The Falklands War, 1982

Phillips, Russell; A Damn Close-Run Thing: A Brief History of the Falklands Conflict 
Ramsey, Gordon; Falklands War Then and Now

Thompson, Julian; No Picnic: 3 Commando Brigade in the South Atlantic: 1982

Own, But Still Yet to Read

Barker; Nicholas; Beyond Endurance

Bramley, Vincent; Two Sides of Hell

Burns, Jimmy;  Land That Lost Its Heroes 

Ethell, Jeffrey and Alfred Price; Air War South Atlantic

Geddes, John; Spearhead Assault: Blood, Guts and Glory on the Falklands Frontline 

Kon, Daniel; Chicos de la Guerra

Rivas, Santiago; Wings of Courage: The Agentine Air War Over the Falklands 

Weale, Adrian; Green-Eyed Boys