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Saturday, June 25, 2022

Army Painter Speed Paints

Hello again 

So, below is some pictures of my first attempt with two different methods: Zenithal priming and the Army Painter's Speed Paints.  I have mixed feelings all the way around about this.  I am sure it is more of the painter's failures versus the methods and materials used. 

The figure used is a North Star's hobgoblin that I got for free when I pre-ordered the Wave 1 Silver Bayonet figures.  I decided to go with a green skin versus pink skin.  The skin is Army Painter's Speed Paint Malignant Green.  I also used the Army Painter's Black & White spray paint for the Zenithal priming.  The painting holder that I using is from Game Envy. 

At first, it looked pretty good in my low light of my room as I don't have any bright lights to paint by.  In picture #3, is where I noticed that white paint showing through and some of the rough texture of the surface.  I as thinking that maybe the spray paint was not coming out of the can smoothly.  

That is when I took it outside to take pictures...well, I really don't know if it is just me or has others been getting the same effect with the methods and Speed Paints.



Anonymous said...

Nice and nasty looking!

sapperjoe said...

Thanks! This is my attempt at coming back in from the cold after several years of not painting anything at all.

Pete. said...

I can see what you mean- but it does add some nice texture to his skin. I like the finished colour.