Friday, February 1, 2008

10mm World War II

Well, here is my third installment, some of my 10mm WW2 stands. First thing, I am not sure if you knew it or not, but if you click on the picture in the blog posting, it will enlarge to a bigger picture for your viewing pleasure.

I am using these figures for both the "Blitzkrieg Commander" (BKC) and "I Ain't Been Shot, Mum!" (IABSM) rule sets. Most of the stands represent a platoon for BKC or a half squad, a weapon's team, or a vehicle for IABSM.

Next thing, I need to explain the different type bases. My friend CombatColours came up with the different type of bases (although I came up with the octagonal idea) to speed up the understanding for non-BKC gamers at conventions. They do not follow the "main" concept of BKC basing. But as Pete Jones wrote in his rules, "basing the models is up to you." The main base is the hex for "Combat" type of units (those that have an attack value) for BKC. They are 50mm from flat side to the opposite flat side. I will show in a later blog a demo of how the hex is used for the different firing arcs and figuring out flanks and rear attacks. The squared bases are "Headquarters" type of units (those having the ability to commanding units.) We use 50mm squares for the Commanding Officer (CO) stands and 40mm squares for normal headquarters. We use circular stands for "Non-Combat" units (those with no attack value), for example trucks and Forward Artillery Observers (FAO) and Forward Air Controllers (FAC). Again we use different size circulars for trucks or other "non-combat" units (50mm) and that for FAO's & FAC's (40mm). The final different type of stand is the Octagonal. It is used for Reconnaissance units to separate them from other "Combat" type of units as they have several special rules in BKC. The type of bases does not matter for IABSM games.

"General, the 90th reports that we have closed the Falaise Gap."
This is my CO stand for my BKC U.S. Army for 1944-45. "Ol' Blood & Guts" and the headquarters staff, plus the table and the 2-1/2 ton radio truck, are from Minifigs. Gen. Patton's command car in the background is from Perrin Miniatures. The base is from Litko. All of following, including this stand was painted by me.

"As 'Ol' Blood & Guts' is getting briefed on the American push, his faithful dog, Willie, sits patiently in the back seat."
This is just another view of the CO stand and Willie can be seen more clearly. Willie is from a N-scale railroad kit.

One of the American Infantry Battalions, minus some stands.
The picture above is nine infantry stands, two machine gun stands, and 81mm mortar stand. For BKC, I am missing my headquarters stand and a 57mm Anti-gun & truck to be a full infantry battalion. For IABSM, the above would come out to be 4 & 1/2 squads, or two weak platoons, plus the MG's and the mortar. I just need to finish some more infantry, some 60mm mortar stands, plus a few "Big Men" stands to have a full infantry company. These group of miniature are from Minifigs.

"The American Army on the attack!"
This is just a closer view of the infantry figures.
"The view from the retreating German Army."
Again, just another close up of the figures.
"The finest from Detroit!"
This is the bulk of an US Army tank battalion. Leading the assault are some Minifig's M5A1 light tanks, also know as Stuarts. Behind them are nine Pithead's M4A3 medium tanks, also know as Shermans. These twelve tanks would make up a tank battalion for BKC, with the addition of a headquarters and a M4A3 with a 105mm howitzer. In this picture, one of the M4A3's has a 76mm gun and the rest are 75mm's. I have some more 76mm gunned M4A3's to upgrade my battalion. I also have some M4A3E2 Jumbos from Minifigs that will also be available when they are finished. Finally, I probably noticed the M8 armored care (Greyhound) to the left hand side of the picture. That would not be part of the tank battalion, but just in the picture. It is a 1/144th Takara collectable from their World Tank Musuem. Under IABSM rules, this would be an understrength medium tank company with an understrength light tank platoon with them.
"Charge of the Light Brigade!"
This is close up of one of the Minifigs' M5A1 light tanks.
"The 76mm in middle, straight up the center for the driving attack."
A close up of the Pithead's M4A3 medium tanks.

"On to Glory!" A back view of the M4A3's. Noticed that one stand has a tag on it. Eventually, all of my stands will have a tag like this for quick identification of the model for gamers that might not be up to speed on WW2 armor recongition.

"The Germans want to see our automatic artillery cannons!"
This is the main stay of the American divisional artillery, the 105mm howitzer. The model is from Minifigs.
"The eyes and hears of the American division."
This is a closer view of the Takara's M8 armored car. Notice that this model is not on an octagonal base. That means that this unit does not have the BKC's recce special rule apply to it. The reason for that is one of the units that I am working on is a US Mech Cav Troop and there are too many M8's for recce limitations under BKC.
"On to Berlin!"
A rear view of the Takara model.
"Cavalry scouts, forward!"
Here is what a BKC recce stand will look like for our games.
"This is Urban Charlie Forward One, I have a fire mission!"
Here is an example of a FAO and another US infantry stand. The FAO is a mix of Pithead (the jeep & driver) and Minifigs (the spotter and the radio man.) The infantry in the background are Pithead's. I was trying out to paint the M1943 HBT uniforms.
"Tank Killer - the M6 Gun Motor Carriage"
This is not finished, but I wanted to throw it in here. I scratch built this to prove a point over some issue about how 10mm did not everything that was need to play games of the war in Africa. The truck and the soldier are from Minifigs and the 37mm anti-tank gun is from Pendraken. The pedestal for the 37mm was made with plastic rods.
"Achtung, Baby!"
I add this picture just to provide that I have something other than Americans! This is a Minifig Sdkfz 250/9 armored recon car. 
Well, that is it for now. I will get some more up later.