Thursday, November 19, 2015

Coming Soon! Big 28mm Clearance Sale!

Well, I pretty much went through 95+% of my 28mm figures that I own and I have listed the ones that I plan to depart with and have been given some of the regular wargamers that I know a shot at getting the ones that they want first.  Next I plan to put the list up on here probably next weekend over the Thanksgiving holidays after I go back and start putting the prices for the various stuff on my master list.

As part of this organizing and clearing things out, I have come to realize several things that got me in blue funk as it comes to miniature gaming.  One of the issues is that as I started to actually make a master list of what I am keeping, I have come to the realization that I really don't have enough room to store everything after it is painted.  It is one thing to throw a bunch of unpainted metal figs in to one box, but it is another thing to store painted figures in a box so they don't get their paint chipped.  I am now trying to figure out how much space that I really have available for storage of painted figures (even though 90+% is unpainted) and then then start limiting what project I am going to keep.  
Yeah, it is kinda like that
In my basement, I have one wall that has four shelving units that is for storage of my miniature gaming, excluding rule books, which I keep up stairs in my bedroom/library (it really is more of a library with a bed thrown in it.)  But, I also need to store my terrain, dice, gaming aids, etc. on them too.  While that doesn't sound like a lot, buildings take up a lot room.  Especially when you one does not just game in one scale or where building work for all projects.  I know some could care less if you use medieval European huts for Vietnamese huts in 1968, but I just can't bring myself to do that, especially if I am going to buy 1968 US Army and Viet Cong figures to use and not any old Romans or Orcs.  Plus 28mm buildings take up a lot of space in storage too. 

So, I am starting to look at what projects mean the most to me and what kind of storage I will need for it.  This could mean (actually it does), that some time next year I will be doing another round of getting rid of 28mm figures that would have really like to have kept, but must be sacrificed for space.  But as for now, this weekend I am going to shift from 28mm to 10mm to start inventorying and listing to sell as I am only planning to keep only a couple of 10mm projects for sure, my Vietnam War and French Indochina War, and I waving on another, Falklands Battalion level.  This will make it easier for me to down size on what I want to keep.  I hope to have all of the rest sorted and bagged before the end of the year.  Actually, most of it has been sorted before and bagged, but I can't find my old listings, so I am going to have to go back through them again.  At least they are separated so that they have some common bond (i.e., WW2 US tanks or WW2 German tanks, etc.)  I am hoping to get them organized soon as there is a silent auction at a local game shop in January so I can get them in that if nothing else.  

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Saturday, November 14, 2015