Thursday, July 30, 2015

Still alive!

I am still alive.  I have been busy with sorting through 28mm figures to eventually sell off and what I am going to keep.  With those that I am keeping, I am sorting into smaller boxes that would be used to store the "painted" figures after they are done so I actually know how much space that they are going to take up.  The boxes are also divided by project and the really most important thing...I am recording a listing of what I am keeping.  Because of this, I am seeing that I really need to eventually go back through with what I am keeping and downsize that again, but first I want to start sorting, bagging, and labeling 15mm miniatures to sell.

I also have been not reading much and I still have to type up my notes on some of the interesting engagements in the guerrilla war in Missouri from the book that I am still working on.  

I am going to try to have a more interesting post up maybe two weekends from now dealing with the guerrilla war in Missouri.



Saturday, July 18, 2015

Brief update

I am still alive, but was down most of the week with a nasty cold...sadly, I was on a scheduled vacation for this week too.  So instead of getting to do a lot of stuff that I needed to do or wanted to do, I was laid up under NyQuil and had no energy to do much at all. 

I am no longer in Savannah, GA, but back home for a while.  How long?  Don't know.

Yesterday, I felt good enough to go visit my great uncle and a couple of great aunts out in Jefferson City, MO, area.  I timed it to give me a some time to swing by the MO Highway Patrol Safety & Education Center to see the BAR and the license plate that was found from the Joplin shoot out with Bonnie & Clyde on April 13th, 1933.  The interesting plus to this visit was seeing the weapon that was captured from Machine Gun Kelly by the MO Highway Patrol too.  So it was a really good day for several reasons.

Next, I just got my book today that I am really looking forward to reading (along with about another 100+ books).  The book is, The Royal Navy In The Cod Wars: Britain and Iceland In Conflict 1958-1976 by Captain Andrew Welsh FNI RN.  Yes, I have a very obscure taste in interests.  Now, I am going to have to dig out those 1/1200 scale ships I have to game the Cod Wars...