Saturday, October 3, 2009

20mm Hotspur - Urban Operations

Finally, here are the selection of figures from Hotspur's Urban Operations line
Anti-Terrorist Team
British Army in Internal Security uniform

Armed Criminals or Terrorist

Innocent Bystanders: Note that there are 6 figures instead of 5 like the other packs

Plain Clothes Detectives

Riot Police


SAS for Operation Nimrod (Storming the Iranian Embassy, 1980)

20mm Hotspur Miniatures - Operation Corporate - Argentine

Here are picks of what you get in the Hotspur 20mm Argentine sets for the 1982 Falklands / Malvinas Conflict.
Argentine Command
Argentine Infantry Firing: The one prone figure with the bipod has the Argentine Fusil Automatico Pesado, or their heavy barrelled FN FAL assault rifle.
Argentine Infantry Moving
Argentine Marines: They can also work for the Army Commandos

Argentine Special Forces

Hotspur 20mm figures - Operation Corporate - British

Hello! Well, I thought I would put up some images of what I am working on. This post is what the old Hotspur 20mm miniatures look like for their Operation Corporate (Falklands / Malvinas Conflict) in 1982. This unfinished figures grouped in what comes in each different pack. I thought it might be nice to see the different miniatures. I also found out this week that they are now available again through Stonewall Miniatures in the UK. This is a great news!
British Command: (note the figure in the back has a separate arm that has not been cut off the base and glued on to the body yet.)
British Infantry Firing: A nice selection of support weapons
British Infantry Advancing
Special Air Service: Just want you need to storm Pebble Island
Royal Marine Mountain and Arctic Warfarce Cadre: mostly armed with M16 rifles