Tuesday, September 20, 2011

150th Anniversary of the Battle of Wilson's Creek, MO, and more!


I have been working some really long hours at work and have been neglecting my blog and my travel website. 

I went to the 150th Anniversary reenactment of the Battle of Wilson's Creek last month with my friend Steve.  We also visited the Wilson's Creek National Park, the National WWI Museum in Kansas City, MO; the Battle of Lexington State Park and Visitor Center, and finally stopping at the Missouri Confederate Memorial and Cemetery.  It was pretty much a full weekend of activities.

I have photos from the reenactment and the other sites up soon after I do some cropping and resizing. I will place some up on this blog, but all of the pictures for Wilson's Creek, Lexington, and the cemetery will be placed on my ACW website.  The WWI museum pictures will be placed on my travels' website.

Since then, I also visited several more ACW sites or museums.  I visited in the Atlanta area the Atlanta Cyclorama which is a mural painting and display of the battle of Atlanta that was commissioned by the former Union general John Logan after the war.  Also located there is one of the two locomotive engines involved in the 'Great Locomotive Chase', the Texas.  There is also a Medal of Honor medal located there.  Just outside of Atlanta, I also visited the Southern History and Locomotive Museum.  At this museum is the other locomotive engine involved in the 'Great Locomotive Chase', the General.  There is also one of the raider's Medal of Honor medals is also located there.  Finally, also in the Atlanta area, I visited the Kerrshaw Mountain battlefield, but my camera's battery died shortly after getting there.  I also visited three more Civil War sites in Tennessee, Fort Donelson, Stones River, and Lookout Mountain.

I also finally finished several books, but still have to do write up for them.  The first book was "Nine Battles To Stanley" by Nicholas van der Bijl.   I had a hard time finding the free time to read it, but enjoyed it. While it did not add much to description of battles for the Falklands, it did cover a lot of "extra" details that I found very useful for my future Falklands games. The next book was, "Charlie Chan: The Untold Story of the Honorable Detective and His Rendezvous with American History" by Yunte Huang.  It is about how the real life Honolulu detective, Chang Apana, became the role model for the character, Charlie Chan.  Also it covers how the novels, movies, and radio shows came about to become one of America's great icons of the 20th Century and how the character influenced America and Chinese relations. The last book was "The Lost Patrol: The Mounties' Yukon Tragedy" by Dick North.  It is the about the 1903 RNWMP overland dog patrol from Dawson City to Fort McPherson by Inspector Francis Fitzgerald and two other Mounties and one former Mountie that got lost and eventually perished in the wilderness.  

I got to go for now, but be expecting the travel photographs soon.