Gaming Rules that I have or will be using that I like

Manufacturers of Miniatures that I use or love 

Paints - Acylicos Vallejo

Gaming Forums or Blogs worth visiting


Uncle Jay Explains the News -

Podcasts / Radio Plays:

Atlanta Radio Theatre Company Podcast -
H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast -
H.P. Lovecraft Literary Society -
Role Playing Public Radio -

American Civil War:

Civil War Roundtable in St. Louis -
Two Trails Publishing (ACW in MO) -

20mm Gaming Manufacturers:

Metcalfe Models Cardboard Buildings -
Scale Scenes Downloadable Buildings -
SuperQuick Cardboard Buildings -
Wordsworth Model Railway Cardboard Buildings -

Falklands Conflict Miniatures:

Armaments In Miniature (AIM) (1/200th Aircraft)  -

BW Models (20mm British Vehicles & Weapons) –

Historical Resources:


Gaming Forums / blogs:

Liberation Miniatures Forum -
Gentlemen’s Wargames Parlour -
Daddy’s Little Men blog -
Bolivarian Times Blog -
Ejercito Solvidados Blog -
Dawn of the Lead Blog -