Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Metcalfe Buildings - A Review

Hello again, this blog entry will be about Metcalfe Models & Toys' OO gauge cardboard buildings. 

I really fell in love with these cardboard kits and I want show a little bit about how well done these kits are done by Nick Metcalfe and gang. I have order from them a couple of times already and they are great to work with on purchases and shipping as well!

First, a quick comparison of Metcalfe to Superquick Models, another cardboard OO gauge cardboard buildings. 

Superquick are also some nice kits, but they are follow the more traditional style of paper models with minimum structural support inside the models. Below is Metcalfe's Low Relief Terraced Houses Front (#PO220) on the left and Superquick's Terrace Backs (#C5) is on the right. Neither kits are completed at the time of the pictures, but close to be completed for comparison. Notice the interior structural support.
The following is a pictorial of my assembly of a Metcalfe Model's Terraced Houses kit (#PO261). I will add in some remarks periodically with the pictures.

This is the packaging of the kit and what comes in it. In the right picture, you will notice the small plastic bag with parts in it. I found that very useful to have a container to put all of the little pieces in something that is able to be closed so you don't lose anything.

T: Keep all of the scrap cardboard! You will found them very useful for the backing behind the windows to glue the curtains on to. This gives the model a depth look to the curtains.

C: I use UHU glue and find it very good for the job.

B: Metal binder clips are extremely useful for holding pieces in place while the glue dries. This will give you some free time to work on other items.
T & C: Place the scrap cardboard to the windows so the curtains are set back.

B: This is the base and the tiles for the pavement are to the left. Notice that most of the tiles are missing as this sheet is from another kit and I am trying to use them up first before using this kits tiles. Also you will notice a pavement sheet that is laying on the base. You could use that instead of the tile if you don't want to work on laying tiles.

T: Some of the tile has been laid down on the pavement sheet. I glued the pavement sheet down on the base for a guide. You don't need to this.

C & B: Assembly of the building. Notice the curtains over the windows and the reinforcement cardboard walls to hold the floor up. Also notice the inserts to give the chimney support.

The building is glued to the base and the rear gable is assembled and also glued to the base.

Assembly of the back yard fence. In the last picture notice that there needs to be a gap along the edge on the bottom and side of the fence. This allows the fence to sit properly on the base and connect to the house.

At this point, you are finished with the main model, minus some details and optional items. The last picture is one of the optional details of adding dormer windows.

T: How the dormer windows are assembled
C: The tile wall tops to line the top of the brick wall
B: Another optional item, bay windows

Next, the bay windows are installed and the ridge tiles to cover the roof folds. What is left to do is the chimney pots which I am still deciding if I want to add or not because I am afraid that they will be damaged regularly when shipping and storing the buildings.

Just a couple of pictures of the Metcalfe's Corner Store (#PO263) with the Terraced Houses. Neither kits are complete, but it gives an idea of how a street scene will look like.