Sunday, August 21, 2016

Great music!

I don't think that ever really talked about my taste in music before, but I think I might have posted some Mr B, the Gentleman Rhymer videos or mention Professor Elemental before.  Anyways, I have a very esoteric taste in music.   I use to be very main stream in my youth with Country & Western and Classic Rock.  But also in my youth, I had a great love for the 1930s-40s swing and folk music.  It would not out of line for me listening to Glenn Miller or the Andrews Sisters while still in high school.  So, when the mid-late 1990s swing revival came about, I was pretty happy.  But it was short lived and is pretty much gone save for a few bands nowhere near me and no new albums.

But today I discovered that there is a new band out there that is very active, putting out albums and videos, called the Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox. It looks like do original songs as well as doing current songs to various period pieces.  I am posting a few YouTube videos below for you to check out.  I love the music, the voices, and the quality of the filming.  They are well worth the time and I prefer these versions over the originals hands down.  Now, I have to go and buy some albums and start following them for future releases.



Black Hole Sun - Vintage Soundgarden Cover ft. Haley Reinhart

No Diggity - Vintage Jessica Rabbit- Style Blackstreet Cover ft. Ariana Savalas (Telly Savalas' daughter)

I Will Survive - Vintage '40s Jazz / Latin Ballroom Style Cover ft. Sara Niemietz

Dancing in the Dark - Retro '50s Style Bruce Springsteen Cover ft. Von Smith

Welcome To The Jungle - Vintage Orchestral Guns 'n' Roses Cover ft. Daniela Andrade (Hey, Axle...not only is this version is better but she is not inciting a riot...FU!  From, St. Louis)

Gangsta's Paradise - Vintage 1920's Al Capone Style Coolio Cover ft. Robyn Adele Anderson 


Friday, August 19, 2016

Still Alive...

So, I finally got my two lower wisdom teeth pulled out on last Friday.  My jaw still is sore, not painful by itself, just tender to the touch of where the teeth used to be at.  Which means it is still hard to eat anything more than soft stuff, but it seems to be getting better. 

Not much in the way of gaming, but I really have not been doing much towards that the last couple of weeks.  I did go through a bunch of miniature rules that plan to let go, so I guess I have done something.  I just need to sit down and type up a list of what I got to go.  I had been needing to get posted on The Miniatures Page (TMP) to start getting rid of a lot of miniatures. Now that I done with my wisdom teeth, I think I will start posting stuff up soon, but it will probably be after the 27th as I have to work that weekend and I will not be able to check my personal emails for the sales and this weekend I have some stuff I got to do for my car's plates renewal.  So be on the lookout on the TMP after the 27th. 



Sunday, August 7, 2016

...It needs rules for armored trains and zombies!

So, Saturday night I played several board games with a few friends.  One game we played was "Ticket to Ride".  This was the first time I ever played it. It is an interesting game about building railroad lines.  I took the black train pieces and started off coming out of New Orleans with my zombie rail gangs! Brou-ha-ha!  Unfortunately, the game doesn't have any rules for armored trains with cannons so I could shoot competitors...sigh...

Anyway, I won hands down with a total score of 131 pts, John with 100, Jules with 95, and Mike with 82. I really lucked out with my cards on what routes I was required to have, which also allowed me to get the longest train too - 41 out of 45 pieces available, as 2 pieces had to connect Atlanta to my line and I was not able to get the last two out in time before the game ended, otherwise Boston would have fallen to my Black Train of Death!. I am curious if anyone else ever seen seen a game result like this.

So the picture is the end of the game with my long black train of death almost surrounding the US! I should have been a train baron.