Saturday, September 20, 2008

Recruits 2008 Convention

On Sept. 13th, I went to the Recruits Convention along with my friends, Steve (CombatColours) and Curtis. We missed the morning session, but was there for the afternoon session. Steve ran his BKC game there and from what I was told had a lot of fun. Curtis was not able to get in a game (BUMMER!), but enjoyed the shopping. 

I got into a 1/144th game of "The Marianas Turkey Shoot" run by our Kansas City friend, Dave Yates. I had fun. I started off on the US Navy side and scored 2 kills with one pilot and 1 kill with his wingman before I switched sides due to several Japanese players having to leave early. Unfortunately, I was not able to down any of the Hellcats, but did manage to hit a couple of them. 

The game was massive. There was 12 Hellcats, 8 Zeros, and 16 Judys. I don't know the actual score at the end of the game, but I believe the last count was 4 Hellcats and 24 Japaneses planes were shot down (the Japaneses were able to bring in six more planes after losing six was an endless wave...)

I had forgotten my camera, so I had to use the camera on my cell phone...sorry for the bad pictures!