Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Still kicking...and selling stuff

I am still around, but have not been busy on the gaming front other than to start selling stuff off.  Up above in the bar below this blog's title is a link (click here) to the various items that I am selling.  I am updating my current list of 15mm stuff and adding a bunch of books on to it.  If anything interest you, just make a comment on any blog entry or contact me at sapperjoe2001 AT  I am in the US, so keep that in mind for shipping.  

Otherwise, the only other gaming news is I picked up two new rules sets to read.  I am going to give them a read an see if can wrap my understanding around them and "get" the rules.  The first is:
Winter of '79 – Living on the Front Line
Civil War in the Disunited Kingdom
Mark Hannam, Matthew Sparkes & Mike Bradford

I am really looking forward to this rule set as I have been following Mark's & Matthew's blog for a long, long time.  I have already started down this road years ago with 20mm figures and what I  painted or had painted can be found on this blog under my "Anarchy in the UK" label.  I might try to run a game or two after reading the rules.
The other rules I have on order are the fairly new Osprey rules, Black Ops.  The setting for very small forces has my interest, so we will see.