Sunday, April 1, 2018

2018 Update!

Yep, I am still alive!  So, it has been almost nine months since I posted anything.  Well, my work has been overruling my personal life and I lost my mojo for miniature gaming.  Recently, I have been itching to get back into gaming.  I am going to send a bunch of Russian Civil War figures to be painted in April.  I am also going to try to send a batch out every other month for the rest of the year for different projects as well.  

I am going to start focusing on a hand full of rules, mostly the Osprey’s blue book wargames series, as my go to rules.  I will look at other systems, but will try to keep the total different rules sets to a minimum.  Easier said then done, I know.  But I am looking at two of the Osprey books for my Russian Civil War.  For battles, I am going to use, ‘The Men Who Would Be Kings’ ( TMWWBK) slightly modified, namely I am using a reduced number of figures for the units (75% of the size), so Regular infantry units are now nine figures instead of twelve for an example.  Then for the more individual skirmishing scenarios, I will be using, ‘In Her Majesty’s Name’, again with only some minor additions.  I think that these will be my go-to-rules for most of my 28mm games.  

As for the various miniatures projects, well, that will be harder to narrow down.  It is the curse of historical miniature gamers, I guess.  

But one project that I am going to start soon is trying to build a traveling miniature wargaming kit so I can take it with me and start gaming when I am anyway from home.  I am planning to build a 2’x2’ folding board.  I plan to use the Osprey’s Blue books first at half scale, but I might also use either Bob Cordery’s, ‘Portable Wargame’, or Neil Thomas’, ‘One Hour Wargames’, as the rules.  At first, I am going to use Blue and Red blocks then eventually use either 6mm, 10mm, or 15mm figures.  

Anyways, that is my current update and I hope to start getting back into miniature gaming again soon.  

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Still Alive!

I am still around, but mostly I am hanging out on Facebook now.  I still not doing much in the area of gaming, so you are not missing anything anyways.  I have been in two or three games since I ran my RCW game, which were put on by my friend Steve, but I didn't take any pictures, so that is why I never posted anything about them.  Well, that and I am reading a lot (over 50 books this year already!)   I hate to say that I have not looked at anyone else blog for probably over two years.  I feel bad about that, but that is just because of my focus on reading my books and not gaming in general.

I spent two or three months of town on a job in Kansas City area and took two weeks of vacation which I just got back from.  Soon, I will be leaving to work in northwestern Georgia for another three months.  So, my social life is going back to the back burner again.  

On my vacation, I spent ten days on a road trip driving 3595 miles through seven states; Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma.  Mostly I was visiting Civil War sites, but I also visited several sites related to Bonnie and Clyde.  I took 1970 pictures (yea, digital!).  Probably half of them are doubles that I got to delete as I normally take extras of something to get a good shot.  I will try to post some stuff up soon, but I will be leaving for Georgia soon.  

I am going to try to be a bit more active on this blog again soon.


Thursday, April 6, 2017

WW1 - American Protection League

March 22, 1917, the American Protection League is created. Private citizens that were to supplement manpower the the US Department of Justice in searching for spies and saboteurs in the US. They were not paid, so had to do their own jobs in addition to conducting investigations on their own time and usually with their own money. Later they use expanded to round up draft dodgers known as "Slackers" at that time. Below is an example of one style of badges and a raid for "Slackers" in New York.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017