Thursday, March 11, 2010

Work in Progress and Personal News

First off, my current employment project is ending tomorrow and I am to drive back from South Carolina to finally go back home after 14 months of working here. So, this weekend is my packing up and cleaning up the apartment to end my lease for Monday morning. As of now, I am drive back on Monday and Tuesday and charge my time to this job, but I have no word to where I am to report on Wednesday or where and when is my next project...if there is one. Since I my employment and relocation is up in the air, this maybe the last entry for a while. I will not unpack most of my stuff when I get home as I might be told to leave at the end of weekend to lord knows here, or if I am required to use up some of my vacation time while waiting for an assignment, or the other option. Ah, the life of a migrant worker!

I will probably not be doing much painting unless I know for a fact that I will have down time to unpack my miniatures will have time to repack them. So I figure I would get a "Work in Progress" collection up before packing everything up. Sorry about the quality of the pictures, the camera that I was using does not have a good macro setting. I left my good camera back home the last time I was there.

L and R: British infantry from Hotspur for the Falklands / Malvinas mainly, but most can double for Northern Ireland. The ones on the right are fairly close to being finished.

L: My PIRA's Active Service Unit squad for Northern Ireland. most of the figures are from Liberation with the exception of the figure in the front setting explosives. I don't know where I got him from 10+ years ago. I actually like that figure. It is a nice sculpture.
R: Hotspur's rioters and armed thugs to make the "PBI" squaddies have a rough go at things in N.I.
L: US Rangers!?!?!? Yes, US Rangers from Hotspur's Grenadia line. I like these figures and just want to paint them up.
R: More Hotspur's British soldiers for N.I. When I am done, I hope to have a section for the Paras, the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers (which are done and can be see in an earlier thread), and section of a regular line unit from the Army. If I feel really up to it, I might order a couple of more packs from Stonewall and do a section for the Royal Marines.
Above: British weapon teams for the Falklands. The figures in the back are from Liberation with two Carl Gustav recoilless rifle teams flanking a soldier with a 52mm mortar. The machine gun team in the front is from FAA and was originally sculpted to be a match with the Hotspur's (I believe the sculpter worked for both companies.)

L and R: More armoured cars for the British to police N.I. To the left is a Ferret MK II/III armoured car from Liberation Miniatures. To the right is three Humber Pigs, one Hotspur armoured patrol truck for the RUC, and one Saxon Patrol, a modified Saxon armoured troop carrier for Northern Ireland duty. All of these vehicles are the BW Models.

L and R: PENGUINS!!!! How could you have a Falklands / Malvinas game without penguins! The penguins are from the defunct MJ Figures. They were suppose to be for 15mm figures, but they were very tall penguins for 15mm. This is all that I have of this miniature...pity, as I want more. The penguins are not finished as I still have more work to finish to make them look like Gentoo penguins (my personal favorites...and they have colonies on the Falklands / Malvinas and South Georgia Islands too!) The picture to the right gives a comparsion for height to the 20mm Hotspur figures.