Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Return of MJ Figures 15mm Falklands line!

Well, this is sort of good news to me, even if I am not doing the Falklands in 15mm.  It appears that MJ Figures has come back into existence and has brought back his 15mm Falklands line:

I don't remember all of what was available from his original line, but it appears that a lot of it is back...minus the pack of penguins!  And is what I want!!!  I am going to have to email him and see if I can convince him to re-release the penguins as I need a horde of them for my 20mm Falklands project as they are close to the  20mm size for the King or Gentoo Penguins which inhabits the Falkland Islands, which can be seen in these pictures.

15mm MJ Figure's penguins and 20mm Hotspur/Stonewall Falkland's line British
King Penguins
A Gentoo Penguin with Argentine soldiers in the Falklands
Any way, this is still good news for anyone that wants to do the Falklands now there is an additional choice in scales.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Books on the Falklands


I just add a list of books on the Falklands War that I have read; have got but haven't read yet; planning to buy; and waiting for release still on my Falklands tab above.  I am including the list in this entry as well.  If anyone has any additional suggestions on a really good personal accounts or a fairly detail account on the logistics issues for one or both sides, that will be greatly appreciated!


Some Books on the Falklands Conflict

Currently Reading

Arthur, Max; Above All, Courage: Personal Stories from the Falklands War

Have Read

Adkin, Mark; Goose Green: A Battle Is Fought to Be Won

Anderson, Duncan; The Falklands War 1982 (Osprey Essential Histories)

Bicheno, Hugh; Razor's Edge

Braybrook, Roy; Battle for the Falklands (3) : Air Forces (Osprey Men-At-Arms Series)

Chant, Christopher; Air War in the Falklands 1982 (Osprey Combat Aircraft)

der Bijl, Nick Van; Nine Battles to Stanley

der Bijl, Nick Van; Argentine Forces in the Falklands (Osprey Men-At-Arms Series)

English, Adrian; Battle for the Falklands (2) : Naval Forces (Osprey Men-At-Arms Series)

Fowler, Will; Battle for the Falklands (1) : Land Forces (Osprey Men-At-Arms Series)

Middlebrook, Martin; Argentine Fight For the Falklands

Middlebrook, Martin; The Falklands War, 1982

Ramsey, Gordon; Falklands War Then and Now

Thompson, Julian; No Picnic: 3 Commando Brigade in the South Atlantic: 1982

Own, But Still Yet to Read

Barker; Nicholas; Beyond Endurance

Ethell, Jeffrey and Alfred Price; Air War South Atlantic

Geddes, John; Spearhead Assault: Blood, Guts and Glory on the Falklands Frontline

Thinking about Reading

Bramley, Vincent; Two Sides of Hell

Burns, Jimmy;  Land That Lost Its Heroes

Kon, Daniel; Chicos de la Guerra

Weale, Adrian; Green-Eyed Boys

Waiting to be Release

Rivas, Santiago; Wings of Courage: The Agentine Air War Over the Falklands

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

20mm Falklands - The British Forces

OK, here is part of my British forces for my 20mm Falklands game.  This is almost a complete paper strength infantry platoon for the Army.  I need three more guys with SLRs and one with a GPMG to round out the platoon.  I also need to get a few more figures to convert it over to a Royal Marine troop.  All of these figures were painted by Northumbrian Painting Services.  The figures are mainly Liberation, with some exceptions:  the Scimitar light tank is from Britannia, and the Sustain Fire Machine Gun and mortar teams are from FAA.

Since my Hotspurs are all in berets or soft caps and most of the battles during the Falklands, the British forces wore helmets, I wanted to get a platoon of infantry in helmets.  Also, with some exceptions, they can easy work for British army or Royal Marines.  Whereas my Hotspurs I have to chose what color to paint the beret, so limiting my choice to the Paras or the Royal Marines.  Plus now that I have large force in helmets, I can split up my Hotspurs and paint half Paras and the other half as Royal Marines.  Now I just have a few more things to pick up or send off to be painted for my British forces.  I need to get a Milan team with helmets, a Carl G team with helmets, and a Carl G team with the Royal Marine berets painted up; a Scorpion light tank painted up; and British infantry with '44 Pattern helmets for the Welsh Guards and Tam O'Shanter for the Scots Guards. I already have SAS figures off to be painted now.

Of course, all of these figures will also see action as part of my "Anarchy in the UK" games later. 

The anvil of the Iron Maiden!
My support forces for the British forces
Britannia's Scimitar light tank
Liberation's Radio Operator for my Forward Observation Officer
FAA's Sustain Fire GPMG team and mortar team
Liberation's command and infantry with a Para Carl Gustav team
More of Liberation's infantry and a 50mm mortar
The figures at the far right are armed with Bren LMG so I can do the Royal Marines or part of my 1970's "Anarchy in the UK" games
The stand to the left are the Liberation's Paras painted up by Northumbrian Painting Services.  The figure to the right is one of my Hotspurs that I painted up for the Paras (back when I had free time).  Overall, they should mix in together OK.

We Are Coming Father Abraham - Part 2

Since I was taking photos of my 20mm UK Falklands stuff, I thought I should do a teaser of my next big project, 15mm/18mm ACW.  All of the figures are from Blue Moon.  This is about half of my Union infantry for late '62 and on, in other words, generic dark blue coats and sky blue pants.  I do plan to eventual do the more colorful '61 / early '62 Union forces for Wilson's Creek and operations in Missouri & Arkansas, but right now, I am doing uniform / flag research.  I am also planning to for my Rebels, the Missouri State Guard & CS forces for Wilson's Creek & Pea Ridge specifically.

I almost missed it today - 75th Anniversary of Cable Street

In keeping with my theme of "Anarchy in the UK" which is my one of my side projects, I am adding these two YouTube videos on the Battle of Cable Street on to my blog.  Here is a link to the Wiki description to the Battle: 

Period news footage of the Battle

Just a great music video done with a song by "The Men They Couldn't Hang", called "The Ghosts of Cable Street"

"The Ghosts Of Cable Street "

England, 1936
The grip of the Sabbath day
In London town the only sound
Is a whisper in an alleyway
Men put on their gloves and boots
Have a smoke before they go
From the west there is a warning of
A wind about to blow

Like Caesar marching to the East

Marches Mosley with his men
Dressed in their clothes of deepest black
Like a gathering hurricane
This is the British Union
With its flag of black and red
A flag that casts a shadow in
Berlin and in Madrid

So listen to the sound of marching feet

And the voices of the ghosts of Cable Street
Fists and stones and batons and the gun
With courage we shall beat those blackshirts down

So mile by mile they come on down

To a place called Cable Street
And other men are waiting there
Preparations are complete
Mosley comes so close
They now can see his outstretched arm
A hand raised up that way
Never took the future in its palm

Listen to the sound of marching feet

And the voices of the ghosts of Cable Street
Fists and stones and batons and the gun
With courage we shall beat those blackshirts down

The battle broke as the fists and the batons fell

Through the barricades came the sound of the wounded yells
Jack Spot burst through with a chair leg made of lead
Brought down a crashing blow on Mosley's head

And so we learn from history generations have to fight

And those who crave for mastery
Must be faced down on sight
And if that means by words, by fists, by stones or by the gun

Remember those who stood up for

Their daughters and their sons

Listen to the sound of marching feet

And the voices of the ghosts of Cable Street
Fists and stones and batons and the gun
With courage we shall beat those blackshirts down

Listen to the sound of marching feet

And the voices of the ghosts of Cable Street
Fists and stones and batons and the gun
With courage we shall beat those blackshirts down

Monday, October 3, 2011

20mm Falklands Conflict - Argentine Army

Well, finally I am getting around to posting pics of my 20mm Falklands figures.  Due to my work schedule, I was forced to use a painting service.  So, this blog entry is also a review of the painting service that I used.  

So first things, first - the painting service:  I am using Northumbrian Painting Services in the UK.  I have been going through Robert Anderson with Reiver Castings.  I don't have nothing to say, but good things about them.  As you can see below, this is their quality.  I also had them do most of a UK platoon (I was missing a few figures at that time that I sent them off).  I was so happy with them that I sent another batch of figures to work on.  I highly recommend them.

Next, the figures - most of these figures are the old original Hotspurs' miniatures (but the molds are currently owned by Stonewall Miniatures) that I bought probably 20 years ago.  The only figures that are not Hotspurs are the two surrendering figures, which are from Platoon 20, and the mortar and Sustained Firing machine gun teams which are from FAA.  Unfortunately, these are the only three companies that make 20mm Argentine figures.  Also, sadly, other then these, no one else makes Argentine figures for the Falklands, expect for Mo-Fo which are 28mm (I don't own any, but from the pictures that I have seen, they are very nice.)  The only other company that I am aware of that did Argentines for the Falklands was MJ Figures in 15mm.  But they have since went out of business.  I never saw any of their 15mm Falklands stuff with the exception of their penguin pack, which I was lucky to obtain one for my 20mm games.

Before I start up with the pictures, I have added a few blogs to my 'Blogs that I follow' list over on the left side of my blog.  One of them is call "Hurry Up And Wait!", which is a blog about gaming the Falklands.  It is still fairly new, but it a good read so far, so check it out!
My Argentine army platoon with support.  This is the bulk of my Argentine force.  I will also have a small Army commando force and a small Naval commando force as well.  I plan to also pick up a Platoon 20's UK Wombat Recoilless Rifle and convert the crew to pass for Argentine soldiers.  I am also going to have to search for something that will pass for an Argentine .50 cal HMG team.  Finally, S&S Models has a 20mm AML 90 armored car that I will need to pick up one for some armor support for this platoon (assuming the armor cars ever decided to adventure out of Port Stanley!)
Another view of the platoon
The Argentine headquarters
Originally, I didn't like the figure walking with his rifle slung over his shoulder, but I really like it now.  I think that it has some great character
I really like the rifle grenade figure
The figure to right is firing a Fusil Automático Pesado, which is a Argentine manufactured heavy barreled version of the FN FAL rifle.
A couple of Platoon 20's Argentine surrendering figures
One of the two FAA's Sustain Fire machine gun teams.  I accidentally damaged the machine gun, but just need to re-glue it back on
One of the two FAA's mortar teams

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ghosts From My Past - Part 6 (15mm Road Kill Rally)

Here is the last of my "Ghosts From My Past" series.  This was built, converted, and painted by me.  It was never finished, but I got a lot done on it.  Years back, I was involved in playtesting a game called "Road Kill Rally", which is now in print by Z-man Games, but it has changed in several ways since my playtesting days.  The owners of the now defunct St. Louis game shop, "The Underground", was doing the playtesting at their store and was also running a campaign with the rules.  I had the racing philosophy of "Whatever is behind me, does not matter...all that matters is what is in front of me."  It was a good philosophy and got me first place for most of the races that I made it to play in.  I went very light, with little armor or weapons, and always pushed the envelope on speed.  I am also the playtester that became "famous" for using the Rocket-Assist pack at the start of the race.  All would have been good if I had thought to bought the parachute pack or the minesweeping sort of looked like the scene of the end of the chase of the "Nightrider" in the first "Mad Max" movie, but I was not Mel Gibson...8)

This is my display stand.  The three cheerleaders are Peter Pig's naked women that I putty up with uniforms and pom-poms.  I had the cheerleaders on my display stand, because in the playtest, you could have "slutty cheerleaders" that distracted the judges so you could do something "dirty" on the first turn.  The car is a Porsche 911 from the Micro Machine line.  The base is a GW 40mm square base.
Another view of the car.  I really wanted to get a Ferrari Testarossa for my car, but could never find one.  The "wings" on the doors and the bumper were blades.  There was a needle gun mounted on the hood and mine sweeping brushes under the bumper.  One the back, I had added two discharging tubes for my smoke screen.  The car is mounted on a small metal base.
Here is the front of the display base.  The concrete wall was built with green putty.
The back side of the display base where you can see were two of the concrete walls meet up.
Finally, the road surface of the display base is a magnetic sheet!  So my car or cheerleaders don't easily fall off of the display base as I show here while holding my base vertically.

Ghosts From My Past - Part 5 (20mm Post-Apocalyptic)

Even more rare unearthed goodies!  I painted the old Games Workshop's 20mm Dark Future figures.  They are not finished, but I would through them up on the blog.  I have got a lot more of them that are not painted yet.  The armored police van in the back is an old Matchbox that has been converted to be a post-apocalyptic vehicle done by Stan Johansen Miniatures many years ago.

Ghosts From My Past - Part 4 (WWII 15mm Vehicles)

More 15mm WWII goodness that was unearthed that was painted by me!

A box of Detroit's finest!
Old Glory's DUKW
Old Glory's jeep and crew
Battlefront's M3 halftrack
Battlefront's M4A3 tank with dozer blade and deep wading kit
Battlefront's M4A3 tanks with wading kits
Battlefront's M4A3 tanks with sandbags
Battlefront's M4A3 (105) tank
Battlefront's M4A1 tanks
Just to prove how "anal" I was with my 15mm WWII US stuff.  Each US vehicle has it's only different serial number with I did research on to make sure that I did not use the wrong numbers for the wrong piece of equipment.  In other words, none of  my M4 tanks have halftrack or tank destroyer's numbers and the flip side is the same.  If I was able to find the vehicle serial numbers for the platoon's that I was doing, I would have made sure to even have that correct!

Ghosts From My Past - Part 3 (15mm WWII Infantry)

Another  installment of "Look what I found in my basement!"  This is 15mm WWII figures that I had based with either one or two figures per base for Platoon / Company size skirmishes.  When I had using these, our gaming "group" was using Larry Freeman's "Combat Command" rules.  Again, all were painted by me.

A Tub of 15mm WWII goodness!
Old Glory's was not until after I was editing the pictures that I noticed that the two figures are the same pose!
Old Glory Germans and Peter Pig French Resistance
The four figures to the left of the Peter Pig French Resistance are also Peter Pig's, but they are converted figures from their French Motorized Infantry.  They were converted and painted up to be French rural police.  I left off the FFI armbands so I can use them as either FFI or anti-Resistance operations.
Battlefront US Paratroopers painted up for the 82nd Airborne Division
More 82nd Airborne
US line infantry from Old Glory.  The one figured was converted to have a rifle grenade by Combatcolours.
Mostly Old Glory with some Peter Pig US troops in the mix