Monday, October 3, 2011

20mm Falklands Conflict - Argentine Army

Well, finally I am getting around to posting pics of my 20mm Falklands figures.  Due to my work schedule, I was forced to use a painting service.  So, this blog entry is also a review of the painting service that I used.  

So first things, first - the painting service:  I am using Northumbrian Painting Services in the UK.  I have been going through Robert Anderson with Reiver Castings.  I don't have nothing to say, but good things about them.  As you can see below, this is their quality.  I also had them do most of a UK platoon (I was missing a few figures at that time that I sent them off).  I was so happy with them that I sent another batch of figures to work on.  I highly recommend them.

Next, the figures - most of these figures are the old original Hotspurs' miniatures (but the molds are currently owned by Stonewall Miniatures) that I bought probably 20 years ago.  The only figures that are not Hotspurs are the two surrendering figures, which are from Platoon 20, and the mortar and Sustained Firing machine gun teams which are from FAA.  Unfortunately, these are the only three companies that make 20mm Argentine figures.  Also, sadly, other then these, no one else makes Argentine figures for the Falklands, expect for Mo-Fo which are 28mm (I don't own any, but from the pictures that I have seen, they are very nice.)  The only other company that I am aware of that did Argentines for the Falklands was MJ Figures in 15mm.  But they have since went out of business.  I never saw any of their 15mm Falklands stuff with the exception of their penguin pack, which I was lucky to obtain one for my 20mm games.

Before I start up with the pictures, I have added a few blogs to my 'Blogs that I follow' list over on the left side of my blog.  One of them is call "Hurry Up And Wait!", which is a blog about gaming the Falklands.  It is still fairly new, but it a good read so far, so check it out!
My Argentine army platoon with support.  This is the bulk of my Argentine force.  I will also have a small Army commando force and a small Naval commando force as well.  I plan to also pick up a Platoon 20's UK Wombat Recoilless Rifle and convert the crew to pass for Argentine soldiers.  I am also going to have to search for something that will pass for an Argentine .50 cal HMG team.  Finally, S&S Models has a 20mm AML 90 armored car that I will need to pick up one for some armor support for this platoon (assuming the armor cars ever decided to adventure out of Port Stanley!)
Another view of the platoon
The Argentine headquarters
Originally, I didn't like the figure walking with his rifle slung over his shoulder, but I really like it now.  I think that it has some great character
I really like the rifle grenade figure
The figure to right is firing a Fusil Automático Pesado, which is a Argentine manufactured heavy barreled version of the FN FAL rifle.
A couple of Platoon 20's Argentine surrendering figures
One of the two FAA's Sustain Fire machine gun teams.  I accidentally damaged the machine gun, but just need to re-glue it back on
One of the two FAA's mortar teams


Mark said...

Hi Joe

I almost broke and laid out an order for a company worth of Brits and Argies from Stonewall - somehow pretending to myself that the ones I received last year werent that bad - but luckily I saw on the Ambush Alley forum that they are still manky and that only 1 in 5 is passable.

Rolf is working on some Argies right now and I find very amenable to suggestions for increasing his ranges.


Sapper Joe said...

That is excellent news about Liberation. I don't know if I really need more Argentine infantry, but I really could use heavy support weapons, like .50cal MG teams and Recoilless Rifles. But then again, I will have close to a UK infantry company between my old Hotspurs & the current Liberations. So I might need to conscript another platoon of Argentinians.



steveoc said...

Nice collection !

Good news - MJ is back in biz, I just received some 15mm argies from them, including penguins and rapier.

Will be posting photos as soon as I get them done - simple enough job I hope, not an overly complicated figure or camo scheme.


Sapper Joe said...

Excellent news, Steveoc!

Keep me in the loop on your project.


Austin said...

Those look really good!. What colors did you use to paint those?