Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ghosts From My Past - Part 4 (WWII 15mm Vehicles)

More 15mm WWII goodness that was unearthed that was painted by me!

A box of Detroit's finest!
Old Glory's DUKW
Old Glory's jeep and crew
Battlefront's M3 halftrack
Battlefront's M4A3 tank with dozer blade and deep wading kit
Battlefront's M4A3 tanks with wading kits
Battlefront's M4A3 tanks with sandbags
Battlefront's M4A3 (105) tank
Battlefront's M4A1 tanks
Just to prove how "anal" I was with my 15mm WWII US stuff.  Each US vehicle has it's only different serial number with I did research on to make sure that I did not use the wrong numbers for the wrong piece of equipment.  In other words, none of  my M4 tanks have halftrack or tank destroyer's numbers and the flip side is the same.  If I was able to find the vehicle serial numbers for the platoon's that I was doing, I would have made sure to even have that correct!


combatcolours said...

"anal" is just another way of saying your passionate about your hobby! I remember these babies on the battlefield many eons ago!-Combatcolours

Sapper Joe said...

They might see action again when the new version of IABSM comes out!