Tuesday, October 4, 2011

20mm Falklands - The British Forces

OK, here is part of my British forces for my 20mm Falklands game.  This is almost a complete paper strength infantry platoon for the Army.  I need three more guys with SLRs and one with a GPMG to round out the platoon.  I also need to get a few more figures to convert it over to a Royal Marine troop.  All of these figures were painted by Northumbrian Painting Services.  The figures are mainly Liberation, with some exceptions:  the Scimitar light tank is from Britannia, and the Sustain Fire Machine Gun and mortar teams are from FAA.

Since my Hotspurs are all in berets or soft caps and most of the battles during the Falklands, the British forces wore helmets, I wanted to get a platoon of infantry in helmets.  Also, with some exceptions, they can easy work for British army or Royal Marines.  Whereas my Hotspurs I have to chose what color to paint the beret, so limiting my choice to the Paras or the Royal Marines.  Plus now that I have large force in helmets, I can split up my Hotspurs and paint half Paras and the other half as Royal Marines.  Now I just have a few more things to pick up or send off to be painted for my British forces.  I need to get a Milan team with helmets, a Carl G team with helmets, and a Carl G team with the Royal Marine berets painted up; a Scorpion light tank painted up; and British infantry with '44 Pattern helmets for the Welsh Guards and Tam O'Shanter for the Scots Guards. I already have SAS figures off to be painted now.

Of course, all of these figures will also see action as part of my "Anarchy in the UK" games later. 

The anvil of the Iron Maiden!
My support forces for the British forces
Britannia's Scimitar light tank
Liberation's Radio Operator for my Forward Observation Officer
FAA's Sustain Fire GPMG team and mortar team
Liberation's command and infantry with a Para Carl Gustav team
More of Liberation's infantry and a 50mm mortar
The figures at the far right are armed with Bren LMG so I can do the Royal Marines or part of my 1970's "Anarchy in the UK" games
The stand to the left are the Liberation's Paras painted up by Northumbrian Painting Services.  The figure to the right is one of my Hotspurs that I painted up for the Paras (back when I had free time).  Overall, they should mix in together OK.


Mark said...


Nice post. FYI Joe Scots Guards don't wear Tams. They wear a Khaki beret as do Welsh Guards.


Sapper Joe said...

While it has been a couple years since I last looked at pics of the Scots Guards, I thought they had Tams.


Jon Smith said...

In the last battle, they all wore beret's as the deal was any one in a helmet was the enemy, trouble was No one saw fit to tell the Ghurka's.

Your mortar is also the wrong type although I am being a bit Pedantic in this case.

What rules are you using?


Sapper Joe said...

Hello, Jon

Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately, I have to go with what is available when it comes to miniatures.

The only battles that the berets were worn was Tumbledown with the Welsh Guards and Goose Green with one one platoon (IIRC, Patrol platoon) because they where already out on an ambush and left their helmets at base camp when told to move on Goose Green. I can't recall if after Tumbledown if the British patrols went back to helmets or not.

But being a gamer, hey, berets are bit of color and make the figures stick out! So I don't mind have some figures with berets on where in the really world they would have had helmets on.