Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ghosts From My Past - Part 2 (25mm Figures)

Here is some more stuff that I had unearthed in my cleaning up the basement.  They were all painted by me.
The figure to the left was a mini that I used in a RPG game to represent my character in a modern supernatural detective type game.  It is from Foundry's Street Level Violence line.  The figure to the right is one of my favorites!  It was from the long Out of Production line, Macho Women With Guns line for the RPG with the same name.  It was one of the monsters from the game called "The Congressional Subcommittee".  Somewhere, I hope that I still have my other favorite miniature from that line, a crow with bowler hat, cigar, and a M60 machine gun!
Here is another RPG miniature that I used from many, many moons ago.  It is a Games Workshop dwarf miner.
This figure was to used for Pulp Action or Gangster games.  It is from Brigade Games.  I really like the pose of this figure.  The lonely deck hand tries to keep warm with a cigarette on a deck of a Black Ship while watching for pirates, rival rumrunners, or the Coast Guard with his slung Tommy gun.
"Who knows the evil that lurks in the hearts of men?  The Shadow knows!"  He is from Pulp Figures.  I was really happy with the eyes, but after taking this photo, I noticed some red on his cape that I am going to have to fix.

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