Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ghosts From My Past - Part 3 (15mm WWII Infantry)

Another  installment of "Look what I found in my basement!"  This is 15mm WWII figures that I had based with either one or two figures per base for Platoon / Company size skirmishes.  When I had using these, our gaming "group" was using Larry Freeman's "Combat Command" rules.  Again, all were painted by me.

A Tub of 15mm WWII goodness!
Old Glory's was not until after I was editing the pictures that I noticed that the two figures are the same pose!
Old Glory Germans and Peter Pig French Resistance
The four figures to the left of the Peter Pig French Resistance are also Peter Pig's, but they are converted figures from their French Motorized Infantry.  They were converted and painted up to be French rural police.  I left off the FFI armbands so I can use them as either FFI or anti-Resistance operations.
Battlefront US Paratroopers painted up for the 82nd Airborne Division
More 82nd Airborne
US line infantry from Old Glory.  The one figured was converted to have a rifle grenade by Combatcolours.
Mostly Old Glory with some Peter Pig US troops in the mix

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