Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Return of MJ Figures 15mm Falklands line!

Well, this is sort of good news to me, even if I am not doing the Falklands in 15mm.  It appears that MJ Figures has come back into existence and has brought back his 15mm Falklands line:

I don't remember all of what was available from his original line, but it appears that a lot of it is back...minus the pack of penguins!  And is what I want!!!  I am going to have to email him and see if I can convince him to re-release the penguins as I need a horde of them for my 20mm Falklands project as they are close to the  20mm size for the King or Gentoo Penguins which inhabits the Falkland Islands, which can be seen in these pictures.

15mm MJ Figure's penguins and 20mm Hotspur/Stonewall Falkland's line British
King Penguins
A Gentoo Penguin with Argentine soldiers in the Falklands
Any way, this is still good news for anyone that wants to do the Falklands now there is an additional choice in scales.


Frankie said...

It appears your prayers have been answered and those penguins are available...

Sapper Joe said...


I need hundreds of them...err, maybe a few packs more.


Frankie said...

I bought 20, I don't know what they'll do in the game, but they'll be fun to have on the table.