Tuesday, October 4, 2011

We Are Coming Father Abraham - Part 2

Since I was taking photos of my 20mm UK Falklands stuff, I thought I should do a teaser of my next big project, 15mm/18mm ACW.  All of the figures are from Blue Moon.  This is about half of my Union infantry for late '62 and on, in other words, generic dark blue coats and sky blue pants.  I do plan to eventual do the more colorful '61 / early '62 Union forces for Wilson's Creek and operations in Missouri & Arkansas, but right now, I am doing uniform / flag research.  I am also planning to for my Rebels, the Missouri State Guard & CS forces for Wilson's Creek & Pea Ridge specifically.


A.P. Hill said...

How are the painting projects coming along for the time/battle periods?


Sapper Joe said...

I hate to say it, but it is sort of a dead project. But, I am going to being addressing this in an upcoming blog entry on my plans for 2015. I am thinking about restarting it, but with a different rules set and mounting.