Friday, October 7, 2011

Books on the Falklands


I just add a list of books on the Falklands War that I have read; have got but haven't read yet; planning to buy; and waiting for release still on my Falklands tab above.  I am including the list in this entry as well.  If anyone has any additional suggestions on a really good personal accounts or a fairly detail account on the logistics issues for one or both sides, that will be greatly appreciated!


Some Books on the Falklands Conflict

Currently Reading

Arthur, Max; Above All, Courage: Personal Stories from the Falklands War

Have Read

Adkin, Mark; Goose Green: A Battle Is Fought to Be Won

Anderson, Duncan; The Falklands War 1982 (Osprey Essential Histories)

Bicheno, Hugh; Razor's Edge

Braybrook, Roy; Battle for the Falklands (3) : Air Forces (Osprey Men-At-Arms Series)

Chant, Christopher; Air War in the Falklands 1982 (Osprey Combat Aircraft)

der Bijl, Nick Van; Nine Battles to Stanley

der Bijl, Nick Van; Argentine Forces in the Falklands (Osprey Men-At-Arms Series)

English, Adrian; Battle for the Falklands (2) : Naval Forces (Osprey Men-At-Arms Series)

Fowler, Will; Battle for the Falklands (1) : Land Forces (Osprey Men-At-Arms Series)

Middlebrook, Martin; Argentine Fight For the Falklands

Middlebrook, Martin; The Falklands War, 1982

Ramsey, Gordon; Falklands War Then and Now

Thompson, Julian; No Picnic: 3 Commando Brigade in the South Atlantic: 1982

Own, But Still Yet to Read

Barker; Nicholas; Beyond Endurance

Ethell, Jeffrey and Alfred Price; Air War South Atlantic

Geddes, John; Spearhead Assault: Blood, Guts and Glory on the Falklands Frontline

Thinking about Reading

Bramley, Vincent; Two Sides of Hell

Burns, Jimmy;  Land That Lost Its Heroes

Kon, Daniel; Chicos de la Guerra

Weale, Adrian; Green-Eyed Boys

Waiting to be Release

Rivas, Santiago; Wings of Courage: The Agentine Air War Over the Falklands


Alien Dave said...

Try also :

Sea Harrier Over the Falklands by Sharkey Ward. A cracking read from one of the SHAR commanders.


Ordeal by Exocet by Ian Inskip, another cracking read by the (then) Navigating Officer of HMS Glamorgan dealing with the events leading up to and including her getting hit by exocet and surviving. I met the author several years ago when he was submitting the manuscript to the MoD for clearance. A thoroughly nice chap with quite a few 'interesting' stories to tell from his career as a seaman officer!

Mark said...

The only book I'd want to add to the list from my collection is March To The South Atlantic by Nick Vaux.

Regarding logistic, there's a really good primer in LOGISTICS LESSONS FOR THE OPERATIONAL COMMANDER
- THE FALKLANDS WAR - by the US Naval War College:


The Rusty Nail said...

Hi Sapper Joe, Enjoying your blog. I have a couple of book suggestions: firstly Spencer Fitzgibbon's "Not Mentioned in Despatches". It is from the author's PHD thesis on 2 Para's battle for Darwin - Goose Green. Analysis and detail is awesome. I don't agree with all opinions but admire the depth and approach to the subject and the analysis of tactical command issues. For logistics etc I got a great deal from Commodore Clapp and Ewan Southby-Tailyour's book "Amphibious Assault Falklands". Superb insight into the San Carlos landings and build up of the assault beach-head and Brigade Maintainance Area for developing the land campaign. Also try "Falklands Air War" by Chris Hobson. Unbelievable detail including a narrative account of every single aircraft's contribution (by airframe serial number) for both British and Argentine ORBATS!!! Also a very thorough day by day narrative of aircraft sorties and much else besides. Although I avoid like the plague any book with "Special Forces" in the title, I enjoyed "Special Forces Pilot" by Richard Hutchings. Hutchings was a pilot with 846 NAS flying Junglie Sea Kings with NVGs inserting SF patrols into the islands. Hutchings was also the aircraft captain on the Sea King which flew an SAS mission to mainland Argentina and aborted to Chile on OP MIKADO. A credible read. Keep up the great blog. Yours aye, Rusty Nail

Sapper Joe said...

Hello, everyone, and thank you for the recommendations!

Sorry that I did not get around to getting the comments up until today, but I have been relocated to Texas for a while and was busy in the move, drive, and first few days on the job this week.